Woman Dead in Jail

It’s been a month since 28-year-old Sandra Bland was found unconscious in a Waller County, Texas jail cell, but we still haven’t forgotten her name. While Bland’s family and supporters continue to question the official story about her death, a small group of protesters have been showing up at the jail every single day to demand justice.

Unfortunately, it looks like Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith has had enough.

After telling Hannah Adair Bonner, a minister with the United Methodist Church, that she should “go back to the church of Satan,” a tree that demonstrators congregated under to escape the triple-digit Texas heat was mysteriously cut down on Tuesday.

Despite the Sheriff’s reaction to the protests and prayer vigils, Bonner has no plans to leave, apparently neither do the other demonstrators.

She wrote about her decision to stay on her blog.

“Mommy why are the police mad? The police pushed me…” the small African American girl said to her mother as she and a handful of other young girls were shuffled into the arms of a waiting grandmother. Looking down I saw a sight that seared itself into my memory: five pairs of eyes, in five little faces, welling with tears that balanced on the very brink of overflow and the very depth of terror.

I have never seen anything so painful in my life. Except the eyes of Sandra Bland’s sisters overflowing with tears as I looked into them at Hope AME and committed to stay at the Waller County Jail as long as they needed.

I’m sure Sandra Bland would appreciate it.

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  • These supporters have expressed dedication and respect for the family of Sandra Bland. The comments from the Sheriff doesn’t surprise me. Extremists like Glenn Smith will say extreme words. So, Sandra Bland’s social activism will always be remembered. Also, this generation is asserting itself. There are many strong, young people who realize about the structural systems of injustice and they are doing their part in creating not only demands, but advancing solutions.

    RIP Sister Sandra Bland.

  • CoolChic

    Typical. Let’s Destroy the trees and the rest of the environment to deter black people. Race soldiers are tacky, trashy, and terroristic.

  • Rizzo

    such unabashed hatred.

  • Natasha Peacock

    My husband’s niece is there and has been there for quite sometime out their protesting with that group. She calls me every other day to let me know how she’s doing and what’s going on. She let me know the other day that they are taking down peoples plate numbers and taking pictures of people there protesting. They would sit under that tree with signs and she said that the people of the town would say horrible things from cars and on occasion a person would stop and go on some racist tirade.