If you hang out on social media then you’ve probably run across a “conscious” fuckboy or two. You know the guy who’s always talking about Black Kings and Queens, while at the same time dissing Black women for making choices about life, dating, career, or sex that doesn’t line up with their limited, often patriarchal, notions.

Also known around Twitter and Facebook as “hoteppers,” these brothas usually believe racism is more problematic than sexism, feminism is evil, and Black women who like watching Scandal are in love with “massa.”

While most women I know roll their eyes at this type of overstanding foolishness, a pair of poets at the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational dropped a word they should all hear.

In a piece aptly titled “Stay Woke,” Kai Davis and Miriam Harris of Temple University broke down exactly what’s wrong with dudes who try to “uplift themselves and break women down in one fell swoop.”

“This mysogynistic manifesto given to us by masked men hiding behind the guise of ‘social justice,'” they recite. “There’s a sea of strong Black men with coiled locks and cowry shells, shea butter soft hands who smile nice and call you queen, but never tell you that the title is conditional.”

The poem is powerful, poignant, and right on time. Despite saying a good word throughout, the ending is where Davis and Harris really had us saying, “You better say that, girl!”

“When you disrespect Black women, you cut your roots at the source. Hashtag, I’m still a queen without you. Hashtag, you ain’t shit without me. Hashtag, stay woke!”

YAAAAAAAS. #ImStillAQueenWithoutYou.

And so are you, Clutchettes. Pass it on.

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