If you hang out on social media then you’ve probably run across a “conscious” fuckboy or two. You know the guy who’s always talking about Black Kings and Queens, while at the same time dissing Black women for making choices about life, dating, career, or sex that doesn’t line up with their limited, often patriarchal, notions.

Also known around Twitter and Facebook as “hoteppers,” these brothas usually believe racism is more problematic than sexism, feminism is evil, and Black women who like watching Scandal are in love with “massa.”

While most women I know roll their eyes at this type of overstanding foolishness, a pair of poets at the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational dropped a word they should all hear.

In a piece aptly titled “Stay Woke,” Kai Davis and Miriam Harris of Temple University broke down exactly what’s wrong with dudes who try to “uplift themselves and break women down in one fell swoop.”

“This mysogynistic manifesto given to us by masked men hiding behind the guise of ‘social justice,'” they recite. “There’s a sea of strong Black men with coiled locks and cowry shells, shea butter soft hands who smile nice and call you queen, but never tell you that the title is conditional.”

The poem is powerful, poignant, and right on time. Despite saying a good word throughout, the ending is where Davis and Harris really had us saying, “You better say that, girl!”

“When you disrespect Black women, you cut your roots at the source. Hashtag, I’m still a queen without you. Hashtag, you ain’t shit without me. Hashtag, stay woke!”

YAAAAAAAS. #ImStillAQueenWithoutYou.

And so are you, Clutchettes. Pass it on.

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  • Charles Johnson

    Now I know what a fuck boi is

  • There are only telling the truth. Equality is never a gender limited ideology. Equality is meant for all. No one can be ‘conscious’ and disrespect the mother of human life, which is the black woman. It is as simple as that. Also, the people found in ISUPK (with one piece of work who calls himself General Yahanna) are one example of the fake males that the 2 Sisters are describing. I never talked about ISUPK before here. We know about Tommy Sotomayor, Sgt. Pete, but these ISUPK folks are off the rails too with their misogynist garbage. They claim to be spiritual, but they curse vile language and I do mean curse vile language. Many of their followers say the N word and just call black women every name under the sun. They should be called out. Now, the women made excellent point that some who claim to be “nice guys” are just as shallow, egoistical, and narcissistic as the “bad guys.” Patriarchal supremacy is wrong just like the system of white supremacy is wrong. Freedom is not about people seeking permission to be free.

    Freedom is about the right to be free by birthright without exception (and without oppression). There must be societal changes. Laws must be change and human autonomy must be totally honored. If misogyny and racism was gone, then the world would be a much better place. There are plenty of fake people who use “conscious” rhetoric as an excuse for them to demonize black women (they condemn feminism in inaccurate terms as well). They are totally agents of evil without question. We have to not only defend the lives of black males who are the victims of police abuse. We have to defend the lives of black females too, who are the victims of police abuse. I congratulate the two Sisters.

    • Mico

      Yes to everything you just said. I had to learn the hard way about ‘nice guys’. My ex or as I’m calling him, ‘my lesson’, would go on and on and on about what women of today do and don’t do and how most women go for the ‘bad guys’. Little did I know that he was the worst, grimiest dude I have ever been involved with.

    • I’m so sorry that you had to go through that Sister. We live in a time where many people seek to advance their own deceptive, reactionary propaganda instead of freedom and justice for all. Some individuals try to do the wrong thing for the completely wrong reason. Tons of women today are strong, intelligent, and seek to follow their own paths independent of the expectations of fraudulent people (like misogynists and racists).


      So, like always, I wish the best for you as a human being.

    • Mico

      Aww thanks. I wish the same for you. I call him the lesson because although I’ve been heartbroken before, he had me completely fooled with his character and I never thought he could treat me so wrong. We were already breaking up, as I realized we weren’t meant to be, when he told me that when we met he had been hurt and basically tried to hurt every woman in his path or at least didn’t care if he did or not. That’s no excuse, as I’ve been hurt before by men as well. If I was ever feeling like all I want to do is hurt someone whether male or female, I would remove myself from that relationship or friendship and get my spirit right. I never practice deception, intentional pain, and revenge. I always say my relationship with and love for god and myself is too important to risk that. And I also believe strongly in karma, apparently so does god, because he’s already getting his.

    • You’re Welcome Sister.

  • binks

    I have nothing to add, let me just leave my edges and wig here because they snatch it.

  • Petty Levert


  • Petty Levert