For years it’s been assumed that people in low-income communities are obese and in poor health simply because they lack education about food — or the will to do better. Only recently has the blame shifted to cities with no groceries or farmer’s markets to speak of within city limits, yet whose blocks are lined with McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendys — the types of establishments whose cheap convenience speaks to the needs of those in such neighborhoods. And while administrations have dragged their feet to correct such a subtle injustice, Jadakiss and Styles P have been going to work, successfully bringing juicing to the hood.

Elite Daily caught up with the Yonkers-bred rappers of The Lox to discuss their motivation for launching Juice for Life, a chain of juice bars in New York. Styles P said it’s simple:

“In the poorer communities, mostly, the money gets invested in liquor stores and the kind of things we don’t need.”

To counter that, he and Jadakiss opened three juice bars in the Bronx and Yonkers to give people in “food desserts,” the name given to neighborhoods with virtually no nutritional options, something healthy to sip on. While this is one small step toward correcting a national issue, on a regional scale the contribution to increasing access and education is crucial. As Jadakiss said:

“Our juice bars are open in the hoods on purpose to educate our people on health awareness.”

Check out Elite Daily’s feature on Juice for Life in the video below.

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