Nylon mag found itself on the wrong side of the BeyHive after it tweeted that Miley Cyrus “outdid” Beyoncé by dropping a free album after the VMAs.

While I totally get what Nylon was trying to say–both Bey and Miley released surprised albums–proclaiming that anybody, especially Miley Cyrus, “outdid” Queen Yoncé is blasphemous to her rabid fans.

As you’d imagine, the reaction from the BeyHive was swift….and hilarious.

Nylon’s Twitter mentions were in such shambles, the magazine was forced to, ehem, bow down to the BeyHive.

But even that wasn’t quite good enough for Bey’s fans.

Welp, I’m sure Nylon will think twice before erroneously mentioning Beyonce again because the BeyHive will definitely be watching.

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  • Me

    The Beyhive: free PR management… I wonder how many hours a year they volunteer to Beyonce’s brand.

    • Illumina

      IMO, they just did wonders for Nylon, as well. People need to realize when they are being trolled. Like Nylon didn’t know what they are doing. They got their clicks and their mentions.

    • Ang

      ITA. Im suee Nylon feels their mission is accomplished. I never heard of Nylon magazine until now. I wouldn’t have knonw about that tweet without the Beyhive.

    • blogdiz

      There is a clear pattern here these sites deliberately post offensive black content like trolls so that they can get a reaction
      We need to wise up and not give them the clicks and attention that they are seeking with this race baiting

  • Ang

    I can’t stand Miley Cyrus but I’m not amused by the Beyhive either. Are we going to get to the point where you can’t express an opinion without the Beyhive going in attack mode. Okay, sorry I guess we are already there. The Miley issues aside, the Beyhive needs to stop taking pages out of the Kanye book of life. There will always be people with different taste and opinions. If Adele or Beck is more your taste you are allowed to say their album is better and they are allowed to win Grammy’s over Bey. And using North’s picture in the Beyhive attacks is really crossing the line.

    • i mean

      I think by now we have all figured that when the White media critiques Beyonce, they are not critiquing her work as an entertainer. They are critiquing her place as a Black woman in the industry. Ever notice how they don’t compare Beyonce to Madonna, Cher or heck even Britney. But they will compare her to Miley or Kylie Jenner. That’s their way of letting Black women know that at our very best we are only comparable to their worst. And the Beyhive is VERY aware.

    • Ang

      I actually have never heard of Bey being compared to anyone. Actually, I feel like she’s one of the few artist, of any race, that generally gets a pass from the media in general. The media goes out of their way to walk on eggshells for Bey. Anytime someone so much as says they dislike one of her songs or outfits it is immediately followed by “but, I love Beyonce she can do no wrong.” The Beyhive needs to learn to pick their battles. They don’t need to respond to every comment that mentions Beyonce’s name. They don’t need to fly off the handle every time Beyonce loses an award to someone they may not be fans of. Whoever compared Beyonce to Kylie Jenner is clearly a clown who shouldn’t be taken seriously. Responding to idiots only gives them more shine. Sometimes these people are looking for publicity that they know the Beyhive will give them. They need to stop taking the bait.

    • Me

      You know what… Part of me is actually impressed by it and glad that it’ll be part of history. I wish folks could’ve been stanning for a bw that I also stan for, but it’s still gonna be kinda awesome to read in the history books decades from now how a black woman was able to break the internet every time someone even thought something bad about her just with the sheer force of her fan base. What other woman can say she has that much social power? Cher & Bette Midler could only go as far as hyping up the gay men. Beyonce got them and a large part of the non-gay community of all races. It may not be the type of power that can launch a thousand ships, but this is the closest bw have gotten. If only Beyonce would harvest that power for the good of the black community.

    • Ang

      I’m impressed by her power she commands over the media. I dont think there has been any celebrity who has been able to avoid all media scrutiny throughout their entire career. The media’s response (and sometimes fear) of speaking ill about Beyonce is truly unprecedented. The Beyhive, however, started looking stupid a long time ago. Once you start threatening people its too far. Even “dragging” people over every little comment about Bey is juvenile and it still blows my mind that many of these people are 30+. I’d rather go back to the days when fans fainted at the sight of Michael Jackson than seeing adults threaten another musican for winning a Grammy they think Beyonce should have won. I don’t think she even cares about half the issues the hive loses their minds over. I don’t think Beyonce (or Jay) care about the black community at all. They don’t do anything that doesn’t further their brand or their bank account. It’s mind blowing to see the level Bey has reached in her career. But, its hard for me to get excited about “the black woman” aspect of it because I think she has distanced herself from black women/people since she crossed over to mainstream. if bey wanted to harness whatever power she has over the Beyhive and society to do something positive she would have done it a long time ago. I would settle for her just showing up to the BET awards to support them even when they aren’t giving her an arm fulll of trophies.

  • The Beyhive doesn’t play.

    • noirluv45

      No they don’t.

    • LOL. I thought that Rihanna’s Navy’s crew was fearless.

  • i mean

    Off Topic: I love how everyday North West is looking more Black, and therefore more beautiful

  • PrimmestPlum

    What I really didn’t appreciate was how Nylon all of sudden tweeted in pseudo AAVE to, I guess, “appease” everything. I hate when White people do that mess. You’re not cool. You don’t normally speak that way… Stop it.