Serena Williams Collection

What can’t Serena Williams do?

In addition to dominating the tennis world and being one of the greatest athletes of our generation, Williams is also a business woman and fashion designer.

The champion unveiled her HSN Signature Statement collection (which you can already buy now) for the second time at New York Fashion Week Tuesday afternoon, and by all accounts it was a hit.

The ready to wear collection included a bevy of looks in luxurious browns, beiges, and blacks punctuated by fringe, which hung from everything from skirts and comfy sweaters, to edgy leather jackets.

Serena Williams collection

Despite her busy schedule, Williams has been “very hands on” with this collection and even received input from fashion’s reigning matriarch, Anna Wintour.

“Anna’s really been my mentor,” Williams explained before the show. “She’s gone over this whole collection.”

Andre Leon Talley called the show a “smash hit,” and the Robin Roberts said it was “sexy.”

Photo: Mary Altaffer, AP

Photo: Mary Altaffer, AP

“I loved it. It was sexy, sophisticated and sporty,” Roberts said. “She hits all the buttons.”

Wintour, Talley, and Roberts weren’t the only big names in attendance. Williams’ rumor boo Drake was also on hand–once again–to cheer her on and congratulate her after the show.


See the entire collection below. 

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  • Creativity is part and parcel of the human race. For years, Serena Williams has been heavily involved in the fashion world. Many of the clothing look creative and vibrant. The scene of Serena and Drake hugging was very sweet. Regardless of my views about Drake, there is nothing wrong with both of them hugging it out. Serena Williams is a gorgeous woman. Serena has not only performed great in the talent court. She has reminded the world about the black female tennis pioneers too like Althea Gibson, etc. In fact, Althea Gibson is one of Serena’s inspirations and heroes. As one Sister has mentioned, Althea Gibson broke barriers and she suffered discrimination and other harsh treatment by an evil society. Her story on American Masters on PBS (I saw her story on digital cable in the WHRO world channel) certainly makes the truth plain about her talent. Serena Williams is down to Earth and I’m not worried about her. She will contribute even more. Serena Williams is the greatest of all time.

    • DiannaFran

      Yes, well said. I enjoyed watching the potential her collection has. I can see women from all walks of life wearing Serena’s pieces.

    • Yes, women from all walks of life will wear Serena’s pieces. She has experience in this field as well. I love how Serena gives great respect to the tennis legends before her too. Before our time, many people sacrificed for us.

  • The_Mini_Malist

    I love that brown suede skirt and sweater blouse! Drake tho. lol They’re too cute.