Talk about when life comes at your fast because you’re racist.

Thursday we wrote about the black family who went camping for their family reunion, but had a run-in with a racist white man who yelled racist slurs at them and threatened to kill them. Although cops arrived on the campsite, the man was never arrested, but that could now change.

Law enforcement authorities in Nevada County,Calif.  will recommend criminal charges be filed against a white man terrorized the family.

The incident happened Saturday night at the Greenhorn Campground on Rollins Lake, in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Kanisha Allen, 27, said the group usually camps in the Delta or Lake Camanche, but this year sought a campground at a higher elevation with abundant water.

“We thought Rollins Lake would be a perfect place,” Allen said.

Nevada County Sheriff’s Captain Jeff Pettitt said his agency would recommend at a minimum the district attorney file a charge of making a criminal threat, which could be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony. Pettitt said an additional investigation could lead to a hate crime enhancement.

The man has not been named yet, but he lives in Auburn, California.

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  • Mary Burrell

    Then they will paint the narrative that he is mentally ill

  • The white racist barbarian should be charged with a hate crime. People deserve to have fun in safety and in tranquility. The racist violated the human rights of black people. There must be consequences to people who make threats against our people. The racist should have been arrested immediately. These incidents aren’t uncommon either. Black people have suffered this form of abuse for centuries by racists. This is why black people have every right to protect ourselves and our families. We know about the double standards which exist in society. That is why we won’t beg for our freedom. We will fight for it and we will always love the camaraderie that we share as black people. Also, we will keep our eyes on the prize.

  • Pam_L

    If those racist mouth-breathers didn’t want to camp next to any black people, why on Earth did they set up their campsite next to a black family? Answer: they were looking for trouble.