Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.33.32 AMAfter Chris Christie was asked to leave a ‘quiet’ Amtrak train car this past Sunday, the New Jersey Governor caused a stir on CBS’ Face The Nation, where he criticized the Black Lives Matter movement saying it created an unsafe environment for police officers. He also came for President Obama, who recently defended the movement at the White House forum on criminal justice and explained why the ‘All Lives Matter’ counter argument is null and void.

“I think the reason that the organizers used the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ was not because they were suggesting nobody else’s lives matter,” said Obama. “Rather, what they were suggesting was there is a specific problem that’s happening in the African-American community that’s not happening in other communities. And that is a legitimate issue that we’ve got to address.”

“There’s lawlessness in this country,” Christie told host John Dickerson. “The President encourages this lawlessness… He doesn’t support the police, he justifies Black Lives Matter.” When Dickerson pointed out that, despite what some might say, BLM does not condone such violence, Christie replied, “I don’t believe that movement should be justified when they are calling for the murder of police officers.”

In a statement to ThinkProgress, Black Lives Matter leader Johnetta “Netta” Elzie said, “It’s amazing to me that black people and their allies affirming that Black Lives Matter is somehow celebrating murder. Nothing about us affirming our own lives has anything to do with ’embracing and celebrating the murder of police officers.’”

Governor Chris Christie is clearly misinformed and should probably educate himself before continuing to perpetuate the idea that BLM is a some sort of radical, anti-law enforcement hate group.

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