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Amber Rose just can’t catch a break. In a recent interview for GQ, she talked about some really important things – discussing feminism, double standards and her recent slutwalk.

“As a woman, it’s like…fuck! You have to act like a nun for a guy to respect you. And even if you do wait to have sex and you’re very comfortable and you do exactly what you want to do in that moment, you still have to be very careful because you don’t want to be looked at as a ho,” Amber Rose tells GQ’s Carrie Battan. “How do you win? You do exactly what you want to do. And if it doesn’t work out, then he’s just not meant for you.”

“Best fucking time of my life,” she said of the time she spent as a stripper. “I’m not going to say young girls should go be dancers. But that was my journey, and I don’t regret it.” Rose wonders whether Kim, deep down, might feel the same way about that sex tape. “She probably had a fucking blast. And guess what? At the time she was in love with that guy. So don’t think you’re better than me, because we’ve all had trials and tribulations.”

GQ chose to focus on other things, though. Reducing her back to Wiz Khalifa’s baby’s mama and Kanye’s Ex, the mag put together a colorful intro with what they believed to be a clever play on words but Amber didn’t think it was creative at all. She posted a caption from the magazine and was quite pissed.

I’m not sure why she expected more from GQ, though? She’s not a famous white Hollywood actress that they would pander to. She may have given them an empowered story, but they took bits and pieces of it and ran with what would move copies off the shelves. And that Kanye pun is horrible.

In these instances I feel bad for Amber. She’s trying her best to move beyond “Kanye’s Ex”. And I don’t even know why they said “baby mama” in reference to Wiz Khalifa. She’s his damn wife. Whether they’re currently separated or not.

It’ll be interesting to see what was actually included in the magazine. But I’ve long ago given up on reading trash glossies.

The November issue of GQ will be available on newsstands in New York and L.A. on Tuesday October 20, and nationally October 26. To see the full story visit www.gq.com

Photo Credits:  Robert Maxwell/GQ

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