Looks like Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson is not only running to be the leader of the free world, but he’s also trying to be a superhero too.

Tuesday, Carson appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss last week’s mass shooting in Oregon and his viral picture declaring he’s a Christian.

“This nation has Judeo-Christian roots. Why are we so busy trying to give this away for the sake of political correctness?” he wondered. “When you give away your identity, you give away your soul.”

Just a thought, but Carson might want to refer to America’s founding documents which explicitly prohibited a state-sponsored religion.

During the interview, Carson also offered up a suggestion for potential mass shooting victims: fight back.

“Not only would I probably not cooperate with him, I would not just stand there and let him shoot me,” Carson said. “I would say, ‘Hey guys, everybody attack him. He may shoot me, but he can’t get us all.'”

Hmm…something tells me that’s not a good survival strategy.

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  • keep it simple

    Whomever wrote this article knows nothing about active shooters, and didn’t pay attention to what Carson said. It’s a fact that of the active shooters that were stopped by other people (i.e., they didn’t kill themselves), the intended victims who tackled and beat them down stopped more of them than law enforcement officers who arrived shotly thereafter. Carson didn’t say he is faster than a bullet, he only said even if I get killed the rest of you will have a better chance of neutralizing the active shooter. The US Department of Homeland Security also recommends banding together and attacking an active shooter when there is no way to run away. The shooting in Oregon demonstrated that playing dead or attempting to reason or sympathize with an active shooter is far riskier than attacking him in a group. Also, when that US Army veteran attacked Mercer, who knows how much time he bought for other possible victims. Carson’s advice was correct.

    • good2bfree

      So I guess you too would assume you would know what to do in a situation such as this? You sound about as delusional as Coonson. Unless you are there you do not know what you would do.

    • keep it simple

      I protect federal employees. As such, I have been trained in active shooter prevention and incapacitation, and Carson’s advice is basically in agreement with that training. If there’s no way to escape, overcoming the active shooter by physical force can decrease the body count. A good example was in Israeli, when numerous Palestinians attacked and beat down Baruch Goldstein, who had attacked them with rifle while they were praying.
      “Coonson?” -that speaks volumes about your low emotional intelligence.

    • vintage3000

      If you actually protect federal employees, you are trained in active shooter prevention.

      I don’t protect federal employees, but I do work part time for a large retail chain where we were required to watch a video about how to respond if an active shooter came into our store. NOWHERE in this video (which was produced by law enforcement officials, btw) was bum rushing a shooter presented as an option. You are probably thinking about those guys who stopped that shooter in France a few months back but guess what-two of those men are in the military and another one was shot in the neck when he tried to stop the shooter. AND it was also luck, as one of the American guys stated when he said the shooter’s gun jammed.

      And yeah, any Black person who proudly tells a group of White folks about how the slavery flag does not bother him, and that Obamacare is the same horrific nghtmare as his ancestors chained up for 4 centuries-has earned the right to be called “Coonson”–congrats to him!

    • keep it simple

      The annals of terrorism and mass murder are filled with instances of intended victims turning the tables on the perpetrators. Many of these people had no prior training, like the Palestinians who beat Goldstein to death with a fire extinguisher. Homicide detectives speak of defensive wounds, even on the arms and hands of child victims – self defense is one half of “fight or flight;” a natural instinct and a natural right for all. As I said before, if you can safely flee from a shooting, there is no shame or cowardice in doing so. Or, if you were taken hostage in a robbery, in which the robbers don’t really want to kill anyone, negotiating or empathizing with your captors is probably a better strategy than attacking them. However, if you are trapped in a room with someone who has demonstrated that they intend to maliciously kill as many people as possible, then the best survival strategy is to overwhem them. The weakness of an active shooter event is that they want to kill large numbers of people; but the crowd in and of itself is also an effective weapon against the perpetrator. This is why DHS recommends fighting back when you can’t escape and the situation is dire. Unfortunately, in some progressive political circles, self defense has become immoral; politically incorrect. This has made people too soft. This is why Carson’s advice was refreshing -and he wasn’t condemning the victims – he was giving good advice for any future victims in such a crazy situation. Unfortunately, active shoothers count on a minutes long police response times, and passive inaction by helpless victims.

    • vintage3000

      1) ” then the best survival strategy is to overwhem them.”

      2) “Unfortunately, in some progressive political circles, self defense has been defined as violence: immoral and politically incorrect.”

      Bull and bull.

      1) Not true in every scenario, and it’s dangerous and stupid to tell people otherwise. This guy was walking directly up to students, asking their religious faith, and shooting them. The only people who know exactly if showing moxy could have prevented more deaths are the people who were there, 2) not a GOP candidate who is only making these gung ho comments in an attempt to counter the gun control debate.

      Speaking of which, now Carson has also stated that when he was held up in a Popeye’s years ago, he directed the criminal’s attention to one of the employees with “I think you want the guy behind the counter”. So i guess he is right, he didn’t “just stand there” when faced with death–he offered someone else’s life instead of his which is a specific trait of non-progressive political circles.

    • Anybody who compares the ACA to slavery (which killed many of our black ancestors in the most brutal fashion) is a person that I will never vote for.

    • keep it simple

      Huh? Arguing for argument’s sake is an indicator of anger – get some help.

    • vintage3000

      Where do you see an argument? I directly refuted your comments and gave reasons why.

    • Sister, you certainly a’int arguing with anyone. You are just telling like it is. Strongly showing views is never about expressing a contentious diatribe. It’s about honestly outlining specific views.

    • vintage3000

      Thanks, Truth. A lot of people are allergic to facts.

    • You’re Welcome Sister. Facts are stubborn things to people who are stubborn. Some of those stubborn people worship a sanitized, sugarcoated version of American history (and some of them love the mythos of American exceptionalism) instead of seeing the truth that progressive people worked hard to fight for workers’ rights, civil rights, women’s rights, labor protections, environmental protections, and other blessings in the world.

  • paintgurl40

    I’m not about to bum rush a man who is carrying an automatic weapon and I don’t have anything but my bare hands. He must be dipping into his own drug stash. To insinuate that those students’ deaths were their own undoing is uncalled for.

  • Phoenix Ares

    I blame him for not being there with gun at the ready for stopping the shooter.


    • I agree with you. Hello to you Sister.

    • Phoenix Ares

      Hello to you, Truth. Hope all’s well with you.

    • Everything is well with me today Sister Phoenix Ares.

      I hope that you’re having a great day as well.

  • Mary Burrell

    And he was a real brain surgeon at one time. Why can’t he use gray matter and say something intelligent? Why does he make such stupid remarks?