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This past weekend in a strange turn of events Blac Chyna, (Tyga’s ex fiancee and mother of his son King Cairo) posted a photo on Instagram of her latest tattoo. It wasn’t a butterfly, prayer hands or roman numerals commemorating some monumental life event though. The tatt, positioned on the side of her hand read “Future”.

Folks around the Twitterverse and at large were shocked at the reveal, mainly because we had no idea Blac Chyna and Ciara’s ex fiancee were even dating let alone carrying on a serious relationship. She seems to have taken a page out of Tyga’s book, who debuted girlfriend Kylie Jenner’s name on his arm earlier this year.

Thought it was a drought ?

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Comments ranged from “I ain’t even know they were dating. I don’t think Future knows either” to “Blac Chyna is the ultimate bird for this tattoo. I can’t stop laughing.”

Neither Chyna or Future have commented on their relationship but the proof is in the ink.

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  • Anonin

    People are joking if they break up shes going to add “Sex” and then “/LoveSounds” on the other hand

    • Whitneys Receipts

      Or “Past” and “Present” lol.

    • neceyluv


  • mywordsaremypower

    What does he have that makes these women go stupid over him. He is bad all over, just look at his list of baby mamma’s. If a guy had one kid that is cool but if he has a list then forget it. There is probably some we do not even about, There must be something that gets theses caught in his web. It has to be something down below, it just has to be. Think with your mind ladies and not with your thighs when it comes to men like this.

    • Noirluv45

      “It has to be something down below, it just has to be.” YUP! Bingo!

  • Zorino

    It’s always a mystery why ppl tattoo their gf/bf’s names. I’m almost certain these 2 will break up at some point. Just why!

    You look stupid after you break-up or divorce. Not the smartest thing to do. Well, actually just dumb.

  • These people are stupid. For instance, when Mariah and Nick Cannon became an item, I didn’t have any qualms about their relationship. However, when he got her name printed across his back, I felt he was doing too much and started to develop doubts about the sustainability of their relationship. Now, he has a larger tattoo that extends all the way down to his back to cover that tattoo. So, I’m not sure what she is trying to gain unless she is trying to get into Future’s pockets. However, he already has more than enough baggage and cattiness for the two of them.