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As a black woman, social media can be a harrowing place. But one site is aiming to give black women a “judgement free zone” to post their most intimate thoughts and confessions.

Black Women Confessions on Tumblr was started by a group of anonymous black women in 2014, and since then it has compiled hundreds of posts that range from frustration to admiration.

The Tumblr states, “This blog was created to be a safe space for Black Women to speak. Confessions can be about black culture, celebrities, music, shows, movies, stereotypes or people in general.”



Black women of all ages have shared thoughts, goals, and dreams on the site and one of the admins recently spoke to the Huff Post about it.


“The most surprising thing is just seeing how many women don’t see themselves as beautiful,” Admin K told The Huffington Post. “It says a lot about the message the world sends to black women about how to see themselves.”


“The biggest thing is that this blog doesn’t speak for all black women,” says Admin K. “So if there’s any message we want to send, it’s that black women are not a monolith! We are complex and have different layers and a multitude of experiences.”

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