T.I. might be too foolish to wrap his brain around a woman running the White House, but Common is quite the opposite.

Known throughout his career as one of a handful of Black entertainers who don’t shy away from voicing their opinions on important social, economic and political issues, Common had much to say recently about who he’s riding with so far as the 2016 Presidential hopefuls continue to demonstrate why they believe they should be next on the list to claim the oval office.

The democratic debates gave the world a first glimpse at how well (or how terribly) the right-wingers handle themselves in the hot seat last week, and Common says front-runner Hillary Clinton makes a much better case for why she should be the next President than republican hot head Donald Trump. Speaking to The Grio’s Chris Witherspoon on the red carpet for Oprah Winfrey’s new “Belief” series that premiered on Sunday night, Common had this to say:

“I think it would be wonderful if we would get a woman in for president. I think it could be something powerful, in that I think Hillary is more aligned with what I believe would be a better president than Donald Trump. She definitely strikes me as someone that would serve our country and the world better as a president so that’s where I would put my vote right now.”

Common is also no stranger to using his celebrity as a platform for promoting activism in the African-American community, so if Hillary does indeed get his final vote, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him out there on the campaign trail urging us all to go out and vote sooner than later.

Does Hilary have your vote, Clutchettes?

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  • MusikCityK

    Have we learned NOTHING from Obama’s Presidency, blindly supporting a candidate because of their skin color or gender? Look up her policies they don’t benefit our ppl, we need to really wake-up!

    • Rizzo

      some of us are awake … sometimes. we just get knocked unconscious (sometimes) for not pretending to be in never never land. :-}

  • Mitch

    No Hillary for me.

  • Common is a great artist. He has great lyrical ability. He has the right to vote for who he wants to. I wish the best for him. Many people know about the track record of Hillary Clinton. She is known to advocate policies of neoliberalism and militarism overseas. She worked on corporate boards for decades. She supported the disastrous policy of NATO fighting Libya. After Libya was attacked by US/NATO forces (along with Western-backed rebels. Some of these rebels are terrorists), Libya is now in a state of disunion and civil war. She not only voted in favor of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq (which caused sectarianism, terror, and thousands of lives being killed), but she supports Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton supported the drone attacks in many areas internationally and she has supported the 2009 coup in Honduras. She’s an admitted capitalist and she isn’t ashamed of her policies. So, I can’t support Hillary Clinton. Also, we have to embrace political independence if we want to go into the Promised Land that we all desire.

  • Rizzo


  • Eduardo

    If past actions indicate future actions, then I’m not sure Hillary is going to be so great. Look at the policies she supported.