Comedy fans are engaged in a debate today after video of Amy Schumer’s HBO’s comedy special at the historic Apollo Theater hit the web. In one clip, the Trainwreck star is seen talking about sex positions in a way that reminded many of the late great comedian Patrice O’Neal.

O’Neal, who passed away in 2011, has had his jokes ripped off before, but did (white) America’s favorite comedic darling jack her old friend for his jokes?

It’s hard to say for certain, but many people on Twitter seemed to think so.

Schumer defenders, like comic Jim Norton, say the comedian did nothing wrong.

Norton wrote on Facebook:

Even comedic geniuses like Patrice would do silly things sometimes onstage. Those terms have been in the Urban Dictionary for years, Patrice did not come up with them (I’m not saying he didn’t change any of them to make them original, but they have been around for as long as I can remember). To think that Amy would watch Patrice do something onstage and then decide to close with it on her HBO special is simply ludicrous.
People doing similar bits has been happening in comedy for as long as people have been telling jokes. The comedians know who the joke thieves are. We understand the difference between two people doing a similar bit and one person seeing the bit and stealing it

Here’s the video of both comics doing their thing via ComedyHype. You be the judge.

(Warning: these jokes are seriously NSFW)

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