Let’s face it, some people in our society still subscribe to the notion that when it comes to people, light (and white) is right. Whether it’s rappers who wax poetic about “red bones” or the media constantly relying on light skin and biracial models and actors, here in America–and abroad–we’re still hung up on skin color.

A disturbing twist to the “light is right” line of thinking is folks wanting “mixed babies” because they think they’re cuter.

For example:

Then there’s this:

Not all people hold these narrow views, of course, but the prevalence of folks who believe “mixed babies” are more beautiful than fully Black babies is quite disturbing.

Thankfully, Franchesca Ramsey took to her YouTube channel to explain why fetishizing biracial children is just creepy and wrong.

Take a look.

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  • i mean

    People treat biracial children like grapples

  • Nikki

    I am an African American woman and I am married to a Mexican man. It is very hurtful and creepy when people project their mixed baby fetish on our future children. When we got married I was so hurt to hear my mother in law talking about how she had hoped for beautiful fair skinned grandchildren with blonde hair and blue eyes like angels (?!?!) Mind you neither her nor any of her children fit this description with tan skin and dark hair and brown eyes. I often enounter people who see my last name and my kinky hair and dare ask Are you latina? and exclaim I didn’t think so! proudly ignorant and rude. It makes my heart hurt for my future children who may have features and skin tone and hair texture like mind and have to deal with people questioning them in the same manner and denying them their idenity.

  • G

    Random Thoughts.

    This whole Bi-racial just kills me. For one thing most African Americans are to some extent “mixed”.

    I don’t know anyone who has pure African Blood, except people from Africa (and that thanks to DNA test can be questioned)

    Yet we constantly obsess over complexion, hair texture, as long as it is not “too” Black that is!

    Soooo if anyone met our president, Halle or any other AA person, who happens to be “mixed/bi-racial” but looks “Black” (as versus the bi-racial standard). . . . would they be shocked to find out that these people have a White parent?

    “Hmmm funny, you don’t look mixed/bi-racial?”
    “Your father’s a White man? Really?”
    “I can’t believe so&so’s mother is a White woman! She doesn’t look as if she has any White Blood!”
    “Home chick is cool an all, she cute, but here sister got all that pretty hair, freckles . . . . she took after Mama, huh? Because home chick straight took after her Daddy. He look like he straight from Africa.”

  • D1Mind

    This endless obsession with Negroes pointing fingers at each other about why white males and females are the alpha sexes at the top of the social, sexual and economic pyramid is ridiculous. There is nothing a black man can do or a black woman can do to knock them off the top of that pyramid unless they totally and completely start from scratch and build a whole new society and system from the ground up. And we know most Negroes aren’t about to do this. But to sit up here and pretend that it is something black women did or something black men did to make these people desirable among a segment of our population is LUDICROUS. People don’t just want to just be honest and admit that this is all a set up and a plan that has been in place since hundreds of years ago. Whites have the power and the money and therefore promote themselves as the standard for everyone else. And because of that money and power there will always be non whites who desire them and want to assimilate with them because of the advantages that come with it. Black males are not anywhere near as wealthy and powerful as white men and their system of white patriarchy and neither are black women as wealthy or powerful as white women within that same white male patriarchy. And we know the reasons why and it certainly isn’t something that started last week or on social media.

    Conversely what advantages can be said to come from assimilating with black folks in their current condition?