The super popular films based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling dating book are headed to the small screen. According to Deadline, Fox is developing Think Like A Man for TV.

Here’s how Deadline describes the show:

Based on the movie franchise and Harvey’s book, the Think Like A Man series explores the never-ending battle of the sexes from four very different points of view: newly married, moving in, breaking up and hooking up. Featuring both the male and female perspectives, our couples and their friends will realize that it’s easy to fall in love and “be” in love but not necessarily stay in love.

Think Like A Man producer Will Packer, and director, Tim Story are both on board for the TV adaptation. There’s no information on when they’ll begin shooting, or if any of the original cast members will star in the TV show.

Think Like A Man wowed audiences when it hit theaters in 2012, bringing in $91.5 million, and Fox hopes it’ll be another ratings hit when it debuts.

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  • OSHH

    Why? Neither film was that good.

    • Brad

      Because both films whether you thought they were good or not made a lot of money.

    • Kema

      lol! Somebody liked the movies.

  • I haven’t seem all of either film. It has a massive following. So, it is not unusual for a TV adaptation of the show to take place. People know about how I feel about Steve Harvey’s reactionary views on dating (as I feel that we should think like progressive human beings and not think about manipulating people for selfish gain). We shall see what the TV show will bring.

  • Mary Burrell

    I will not be tuning in to this drivel

  • Petty Levert