Over the weekend, a photo began circulating of a young woman who appears to be President Barack Obama’s younger daughter Sasha Obama and an unnamed teenager on their way to Homecoming. The woman who initially posted the photo (@teethagoddess) claiming to be the teen’s cousin, has since deleted the tweet and her account is now private.
But as we all know, you can’t post a photo like that and then go all “jk girl, nvm bye”. Before the deletion occurred, folks grilled the young woman with questions and we’re guessing her mentions were taking a serious toll on her phone’s battery life. What did she expect though?
Many were left squinting at the screen in suspicion. The rest took time out to comment on how beautifully she’s grown and joked about what kind of pre-date mental torture Secret Service must have put the young man through.
Sneakerheads and “What Are Those?” trolls alike had more to say about her KSWISS kicks than anything else.
If any additional photos or tweets by teens who couldn’t help but freak out surface, we’ll be sure to update.
What do you think?
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