Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.02.57 AMEye-rolling and side-eyeing has become the go-to response to 99% of the things that come out of Kanye West’s mouth these days, but we can’t deny the rapper is telling the truth when it comes to those damn pop-up ads on kid’s games.

Anybody who’s ever let their own child, niece, nephew, or little cousin play a game on their phone or tablet for more than five minutes knows the feeling of what the hell just happened when they get their device back and see at least three other games were downloaded during that time — most times not for free. And now Ye has finally given us something we can identify with him on.


Though Yeezy’s got the coins to afford anything North West clicks on, we have to agree there’s something hella shady (read: greedy) about these game companies advertising things to buy on game apps they know someone between the age of 2-12 with no funds of their own who only needs to see a color they like to click “buy” is playing. That ish has got to stop now.

For once, Ye’s got the answers: Eff these game companies!

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