2D7BAFF800000578-3276578-image-a-15_1445030786607First Daughter Malia Obama has been busy touring college campuses across the US and last weekend, while visiting Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island she attended a party. A random Snapchat surfaced and was posted on The Daily Caller’s site showing Malia standing in front of beer pong cups. There weren’t any photos of her actually playing or drinking anything though.

A few understandably excited students at Brown tweeted about seeing Malia on their campus.

“Standing next to Malia Obama at a party nbd,” one student tweeted on Saturday, Oct. 10, while another added: “When you’re at a party and secret services show up and everyone freaks out but it just ends up being Malia Obama.”

Malia’s growing up whether Earth wants to accept it or not and although we don’t condone underage drinking, a large part of the college experience overall is witnessing a whole lot of “Wow, so that just… ok” and “What condition will this leave me in tomorrow if I do this crazy thing right now?” moments.

Learning the rules and regulations of beer pong in preparation to play a game or two someday however, ranks pretty harmless on the scale especially when Secret Service has your back should anything go down. When your parents raise you right (and we’d bet our last coins that President Barack Obama and FLOTUS Michelle Obama did just that) you can be trusted to make good decisions.

The 17 year old high school senior is expected to start college next year and has already visited a number of the top universities — and potentially, their parties — including Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Stanford, the University of California, Berkeley, New York University, Tufts, Barnard, and Wesleyan.

Let Malia Live.

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  • good2bfree

    Clutch Magazine, what’s good? Ya’ll havin’ a slow day or something?

  • *NmySkynn70*

    i saw a pic of her posing with a bunch of Beckies at what appeared to be an outdoor sporting event at the school. She’d better b careful, they could be smiling in her face & trying to do whatever they can to tarnish her, i felt uneasy she’s young & trusting & because we know how they can be and how they “truly” feel about “us” and what lengths they will go thru to damage us in some form or fashion . . . .

    • PrimmestPlum

      I was feeling the same thing and no I don’t think you’re being too cautious. It’s a real concern and I hope (but I’m also sure) that Michelle O. either will or has had a talk about the kinds of people who will seek notoriety by association.

    • Great Advice Sister.

    • Yes, being cautious and using discernment are great things to do especially in this age.

  • Pema

    Why would you publish these pictures? You’re part of the problem.

  • itsawonderfulworld

    Two things: 1.she’s not drinking anything; 2. I wonder if the “let her live” comments would fly under the roofs’ of those saying it as I think few would be given a pass for this, but I get why people are defending/protecting her…