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Minister Louis Farrakhan has said a lot of things to ruffle women’s feathers over the years, but he was surprisingly on point with his messaging during the Million Man March 20th Anniversary today in Washington D.C.

Speaking to thousands of African-Americans on the National Mall 20 years after the first monumental gathering October 16, 1995, he said:

“You should never call another woman a b-tch. Get that word out of our language.”

USA Today notes Farrakhan also touched on abortion, telling women they have the right to decide what to do with their bodies, but “it would be so tragic if the next Sitting Bull was aborted,” or Malcolm X, Martin Luther King or Jesus “was flushed away.”

Beyond those pressing gender matters, the overarching theme of the day’s march was “Justice or Else.” The “or else” being an economic boycott of Christmas which the Chicago minister said could serve as a wake up call for white capitalists who benefit from the many systems of institutional racism ingrained in society and open up new opportunities for blacks.

“We want Justice for Blacks in America who have given America 460 years of sweat and blood to make her rich and powerful,” a statement on the theme read.

Though there’s no word on just how many thousands gathered together today to figure out how to move the black community forward in the wake of police brutality, job scarcity, overzealous incarceration, and education concerns, those in attendance were fired up by a number of influential leaders. Other speakers during the march included pastor Jamal Bryant, Black Lives Matter leader Melina Abdullah,  Tamika Mallory, a former youth leader for Reverend Al Sharpton, Sybrina Fulton, and Nuri Muhammad of the Nation of Islam.

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