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Credit: Instagram

Hardly a moviegoer left the theater after seeing “Straight Outta Compton” without a teeny tiny crush on Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson, Jr — or at least a huge amount of respect for his acting skills. But we can guarantee there’s one member of the bunch none of us will be here for after today and that’s O’Shea Jr’s girlfriend Jackie Garcia.

MediaTakeOut caught a disrespectfully catty — not to mention racist — exchange between the Latina woman and a tweeter who seemingly came for her without provocation. Still, there’s no excuse for Jackie’s reaction, particularly the part where she called the commenter “ugly, dark, and dumb” before asking, “You mad Shea don’t like your type?”

jackie garcia


Regardless of the motive, it’s pretty safe to say Jackie isn’t doing her man any favors. Not only are we not here for an actor involved with a woman who thinks her light skin affords her some sort of pretty privilege — and is ignorant enough to express as much on social media — but we already peeped all the members of NWA had a flair for fair skin (and the controversial casting call for the group’s biopic confirmed as much) so we didn’t exactly need her nasty unsolicited two cents on this issue. We pretty much assumed this was the case. Furthermore, if we were her we wouldn’t get so comfortable in our position as girlfriend to assume our man doesn’t like any other type before we found ourselves replaced and rightfully embarrassed.

So far, O’Shea hasn’t cleared up his girl’s mess but we wonder what Cube would say about this? We’re gonna go with the guess below.

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