1377722038_michelle-obama-articleThe First Lady’s Reach Higher initiative brings together over 20 social media, business, and nonprofit partners to help launch
Better Make Room, a campaign squarely directed at Generation Z (14-19 year olds)

Michelle Obama is making sure every teenager has access to valuable information about applying for college and what you need to do in order to prepare. Today, the First Lady launched BetterMakeRoom.org for students aged 14-19, so they can have the information right at their fingertips.

According to the site, BetterMakeRoom.org:

Celebrates students. It acknowledges that things aren’t easy. It elevates their stories, their bravado, and hard work to new heights. It tells their stories through a lens normally reserved for sports stars and celebrities. In an info-jammed world where fame means followers, likes and reposts, the campaign brings celebrities and influencers to the platforms that today give star power to their peers: those without the traditional luck or talent of some of today’s biggest stars.

Better Make Room says that students reaching toward higher education deserve equal praise and adoration. Through an integration of celebrities, peers, influencers, and partners who step outside their own accomplishments to lift up those of another, the campaign gives achievement, smarts, conquest and reaching higher the spotlight they deserve. Better Make Room highlights the possibility of a better education, a better career, and a better future.

The site offers information about filling out the FAFSA, as well as test dates for the ACT and SAT exams. Because we’re living in the age of social media, high school students are also able to share their college application experience by tweeting and using the hashtag #BetterMakeRoom, and their posts will then show up on the site.

BetterMakeRoom.org is getting support from businesses and non-profit organizations.

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  • One common view that we all agree (regardless of our diverse ideological views) is that education is very important. I commend what First Lady Michelle Obama is doing. Also, education is diverse too. Education can encompass universities, apprenticeships, community colleges, vocational schools, technological schools (like ITT), etc. We have to deal with the digital divide and poverty. It is very important for Generation Z (I’m part of Generation Y) and others to cultivate their minds in STEM fields as well. All human civilizations use STEM fields directly or indirectly.

    • John Henry

      Education means survival!

    • Exactly Brother. Even when Booker T. Washington and WEB DuBois disagreed on many issues, one issue that they did agree on is that education is a necessary prerequisite for people to survive in this world. Education is very important.

    • Mico

      Yes education is very important. I hope this program accomplishes what it set out to do and actually helps those who don’t have the the right tools to get a college education. I’m glad that the First Lady is a part of this movement. I do believe that they should push the ages back to maybe 8 or 9, because the younger you are when you get exposed to college material or even thw possibility of college, the better.

    • Good Afternoon Sister,

      I have no problems with your suggestions. There are many tutors services now that give 8 or 9 years old access to high level learning services (even college level learning tools as well). Our people are survivors. Education is one critical component of the development of our communities. I’m glad that the First Lady is using this endeavor in order for the youth to be reached. STEM and other subjects should be promoted heavily in our youth. There are strong CODE programs that are helping students as well.

    • Mico

      Hey Truth, I agree with you that there are great programs out there for youth and even younger adults who need it. There are even more than what was available when I was in high school about 8 years ago. I feel grateful that many students get what they need and have used these programs to better their lives. I also feel for those who fell through the cracks. College isn’t for everyone and I don’t believe it should be forced. However I do believe that every child growing into adulthood should have the tools to recognize and then foster and receive training in whatever goals, skill, and talents, that they have. I believe that every person deserves to the ability to explore their talents and what they can accomplish in this world. I just imagine how far we as humans would be if every child in every nation grew up to their full potential and was able to access all of their talents and use education and training to better them.

    • Excellent Words Sister and I agree with you completely.

    • I appreciate your wisdom. Bless you Sister.

  • itsawonderfulworld

    The headline was a bit misleading to me as I thought the website insinuated teens weren’t interested in attending, when really many want to go, but lack money and emotional support. I wonder if the website caters to non-average American student/person (i.e. undocumented students, non-english speakers, etc.).