DeeDreMichelleDr. Dre and Ice Cube’s Utopian view of their rise to fame may soon have a hole punched in their narrative thanks to Michel’le. According to Variety.com, the ex-girlfriend of Suge Knight and Dre, full name Michel’le Toussant, is working on a biopic of her own and this one will be sure to touch on the physical abuse that was glossed over in Straight Outta Compton.

“With the working title Girl From the Hood, the film will focus on fame, abuse and its aftermath, Variety stated. Toussaint — who has children with hip hop moguls Dr. Dre and Suge Knight — has gone on record stating that she was a victim of abuse in both relationships. In 1991, Dre and Knight co-founded Death Row Records, which had a roster of talent that included Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg.

“In addition to the scripted project, Toussaint and Thinkfactory are also set to collaborate on a documentary centered around the singer’s life.”

The project is said to be a scripted TV series which means it’s likely to find a home on VH1 or Lifetime and we bet the views will come rolling in. While audiences loved Straight Outta Compton, the omission of some of the darker parts of the rapper’s lives — like their misogynistic lyrics and history of domestic abuse — was not lost on viewers, namely women. With a potential sequel to the box office success being shopped around, it’s only right that the women affected by these rap heavyweights get to tell their side too. We’re actually looking forward to catching this flick on the small screen. Are you with us?

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  • ♎Lauren♎

    Welp. Everyone has a right for their story to be told. And that’s that. Y’all let me know when this airs.

  • noirluv45

    This should be interesting.

  • vintage3000

    Not to victim blame, but I wonder if this movie will address the mindset of how or why a woman decides to date males who are notorious violent thugs. I am curious if the decision to become involved with people like this is more complicated than the cliched attraction to bad boys.

    • PrimmestPlum

      Usually women who find themselves in abusive or violent relationships either grew up in or witnessed relationships of the same vein. So to them, it was “normal” or they were legitimately trapped due to specific circumstances. Usually children are involved and if they leave the abusive partner there’s no telling where they will end up financially. Homelessness is a real possibility.

      Low self-esteem is a probable factor as well. Some women feel as if they “deserve” the treatment and feel that what they’re getting is the best that they can get. Abusive partners are very manipulative and know how to reduce a person to shambles given the right circumstances. Those are a few reasons that I can think of at the top of my head that don’t need explanation to me but I’m sure there’s more and every situation is different.

  • FragranceObsessed

    She has a right to tell her story just as they had a right to tell theirs. I’ll watch it (not Cube and Dre’s though)

  • She has every right to outline her story prodigiously and courageously. Her story is a story that people need to know about. More people need to realize the massive hurt and pain that victims of domestic violence go through everyday. The emotional hurt that victims experience is incomprehensible. So, we should express empathy towards Sister Michel’le. Certain artists (we know who their names are and these artists include NWA and others from across genres too) have spewed poison to our people under the guise of free speech. Likewise, people have the right to use free speech in the way of them of exposing the viciousness of domestic violence and the nefarious nature of lyrics which glamorize abuse and rape. I wish the absolute best for the Sister. We are all rooting for her. I have no problem watching her story.