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A mother is outraged after finding out photos of her dead son’s body were posted to Twitter after he was killed by a man driving a car.

Trevius Williams, 16, was killed on Sunday and his mother, Connie Coles, wants to know why the driver isn’t behind bars.

The 19-year-old driver of the car, who has not been named, tweeted about being drunk on codeine before hitting and killing the boy. After he struck the boy with his car, he then tweeted again.

“I just killed a man,” with a photo of Trevius Williams’ body and a followed by a “RIP”.

“I’m angry because detectives told me that there’s no alcohol or drugs involved,” Connie Coles told First Coast News. “Well how would you know if he wasn’t tested?”

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says there were no signs that the driver was impaired, and the investigation is on-going. And also stated that posting the photo of the boy’s body is not illegal.

“Who does that? You have to be some kind of monster,” Coles said. “I don’t even want to go back home. I don’t even want to think of, I have to pack up his clothes. I have to give away his shoes.”

“My son is never coming back.”

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  • good2bfree

    What is wrong with ‘law enforcement’ in Florida?

    • BillipPhailey

      That state is trash.

    • Reina Benoir

      They sound as cold and callous as any other law enforcement agency in light of a dead Black person. However, Florida does have a special type of crazy to their bullshit. I fear for my cousin who lives there. I keep telling him it’s not a place for Black people.

  • This is one of the most disturbing stories that I have heard. The person who ran over the child should be arrested ASAP. We have a serious problem of sick people doing murderous evils in the world. For that killer to Tweet another person’s dead body is cruel and disgusting. I send my condolences to the mother. RIP to the child.

  • vintage3000

    I don’t understand why these social media websites allow monsters like this to have a platform for their evil.

  • PrimmestPlum

    This is vehicular manslaughter. Driving under the Influences a slew of moving traffic violations‚Ķ Why isn’t no one in jail? Or at least..AT LEAST a revoked license. Then to post on social media? No sobriety tests were performed at the scene? Something is so not right here. I can’t imagine what that mother is going through. I hope she gets justice.

  • Hola Elam

    H E A R T B R E A K I N G