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Former Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr rubbed folks the wrong way with one of her latest Instagram posts. The controversial photo, posted earlier this week, shows her and a friend posing beside a traffic light box with the message “Black girls free yourselves from the white standard of beauty and stop wearing weaves!”

The Actress, who is of both African American and Caucasian descent, captioned the photo with “#weavefree #exceptwhenimweaving and shared the post on Twitter adding “#weavefree all day.”

Though it’s clear the message wasn’t written by Jessica and instead perhaps some crabby misguided soul, she caught major heat in the comments.

“Not all black women wear weaves. Delete this ridiculous post and educate yourself,” wrote one IG user.

“I find this post judgmental? Your mom is white, therefore your hair is less coarse than mine/easier to manage. So it’s easier for you to dismiss weave than a black woman with coarser hair would,” another comment read.

It’s true that black women aren’t the only ones who wear weaves from time to time. All women do but usually those women are said to be wearing extensions or enhancements. They’re “adding volume and length” but steer clear of the term “weave.” Knee jerk attempts to post funny or lighthearted social media posts often backfire.

Do we think there was any malice behind Jessica’s post? Most likely not.

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  • Anthro Pop

    Most of you on this thread have the concept race ALL WRONG but yeah, she needs to just STFU…

  • Joy Kaine

    I wonder if she’d taken a picture if the sign read: “Black men and boys, free yourself of the self-hatred and stop killing those who look like you.”

    Well, weave and wigs are more important, cause they kill babies, decorated war vets, HS students with promising futures, grandmothers, innocent bystanders…

  • Nicole Stanley

    So much shade and roasting up in here I feel like I’m at a Luau party in Kauai LOL!

  • Quai Ontario

    Funny how all these Black Women are up in arms about the message. I can’t understand for the life of me why Black Women bought into the white standard of beauty and will do ANYTHING to keep supporting that LIE. I’m Black, and kinky hair is sexy to me, because God gave it to you. But too many Black Women THINK White Women’s or Asian Women’s hair is beautiful hair, so they are ashamed of their hair. So, they put FAKE hair in, and say it’s theirs because they “bought” it. By that logic, a man with a small member can buy some padded jockey shorts to give the impression he has a large member, but when the Woman finds out behind closed doors that he isn’t working with ANYTHING, she’ll kick him straight to the curb. Funny how that principle doesn’t apply to these weave wearing Black females. They lied to themselves so much, they get soooooooo mad when anyone else questions the LIE. So sad that the Black Women have lost their way. No wonder they are least desired and the least married. They won’t even see the forrest for the trees. I’m ashamed of these Women.