Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.44.02 AMIf you feel like the most money you ever wasted was on your college degree, you’re not alone. Recent data from an ongoing Gallup-Purdue University study of college graduates found that just half of college alumni “strongly agree” their educations were worth the cost. That means every time a notice from Sallie Mae comes in the mail addressed to the other half they’re thinking, what did I go to school for?

The survey polls a nationally representative sample of about 30,000 college alumni so we’re talking about a lot of Americans weighing the debt of their education against the payoff they’ve likely yet to see. According to Slate, grads were asked to rate on a five-point scale how much they agreed with the statement “My education from [University Name] was worth the cost” and this is what was found:

Alumni who graduated between 2006 and 2015 and thus into a less stable employment market were less likely to agree that college was worth the price. About 38 percent of those graduates strongly agreed with the statement.

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  • CRich

    Undergrad – Definitely not worth it if taken in context by itself. However, I needed the undergrad to get into graduate school and the grad degree was definitely worth it. That said, the two undergrad and one grad degree were all in social sciences/liberal arts. A lot of people say that these degrees do not pay. However, I finished grad school in 2007, received seven job offers by December, and started work January 2008. Note– my school is on the list of universities with the greatest return on investment, so even though my grad degree was in liberal arts, it was still super respected.. Eight years later, I am in the mid six figures range, but I have relocated a total of 5 times to pursue opportunities that I knew would ultimately make me more marketable. It was during the recession and I did not require employers to relocate me and relocated on my own dime as an investment in myself. My thinking was that with enough experience and hustle, I could always come back home – it wasn’t going anywhere…and I was right. My husband and I will be buying a house soon. Also, In each new market, I also found opportunities to learn skills that I knew companies would pay for. Do what you gotta do. Ya dig? ;)