Looks like Gerod Roth, the guy who posted a picture of his Black co-worker’s ‘feral’ son, is trying to cash in on his 15-minutes of Internet shame.

Roth was fired from his gig at Polaris Marketing Group after posting a picture of 3-year-old Cayden Jenkins without his mother’s consent and allowing his Facebook friends to call the child everything from a “sambo” to a “slave.”

Roth claimed the post was all in good fun, but Jenkins’ mother, Sydney Shelton, and his employer weren’t pleased.

Michael Da Graca Pinto of Polaris called Roth’s actions disgusting and promptly let him go. Now, the former marketing exec has taken to GoFundMe to raise money to help him “recover.”

Roth’s GoFundMe page reads:

Gerod Roth was targeted, wrongfully terminated, and slandered by his previous employer over falsified information circulated by social justice militants. The employer’s comments on Gerod have had a massive social media presence preventing him from further employment.

He currently needs funds for a protection team considering people are threatening his daughters and his families lives, as well as funds to provide attorneys with as a collateral to seek lawsuit damages.

Gerod has stood firm in his fight for social, marriage and racial equality, his targeting will not go unnoticed.
So far, he’s raised $45, but even better than that are the folks expressing their disgust at his fundraising effort.

One user said he wasn’t donating “#NotOneDime Rothy boy. Not even one,” while another offered him some sound advice, “GET A JOB BIGOT! McDonald’s is hiring.”

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Many commenters asked that visitors contact GoFundMe to have the campaign suspended (you can do that here), while one woman made it plain.

“Get a job you low life,” she wrote. “The child you and your friends slandered is the real victim.”

We totally agree.

Want to do something nice for Cayden? Donate to his college fund, here.


Roth’s GoFundMe page has been removed.

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  • I am glad to be a social justice militant for the record. Us social justice militants were crucial in getting Roth and other white racists fired. Roth is a lazy racist piece of work. It’s great for Clutch to mention information about Cayden’s college fund. I am glad that people are funding Cayden college fund too. As for Roth, his actions are cruel and disrespectful. He was rightfully fired, because of his own actions. He’s a coward by obfuscating and lying about his situation.

    Bless Cayden and his mother.

  • noirluv45

    Who didn’t see this coming? I’m so happy people are calling this inbred cretin out for what he is — scum!

    • Yes, he is totally despicable.

      Time after time again proves that Karma doesn’t play. I’m glad that so many people are supporting Cayden and her mother.

    • noirluv45

      Oh, yes he is, Truth! Karma’s biting his behind and he’s feeling it. I’m so happy people are supporting Cayden and his mother too, and standing against this mongrel and calling him what he is.

      S/N: I’m waiting for karma to strike George Zimmerman, but that’s another story all together.

    • Also, other people are repudiating the scheme of Roth. He is no victim. He is a vicious individual who wanted to disrespect a child. When the mother of Cayden cried, that certainly made aware of why we do this. We do this for Cayden and his mother. We do this for our Brothers and our Sisters. A parent’s love for a child is always a blessing.

      Zimmerman will experience his Karma. He is in constant hiding. He will be in hiding for the rest of his life. His constant evil actions is representative of his evil character.

    • noirluv45

      Truth, racists are soul-less, evil, and repugnant maggots, but when they get caught and called on their repugnancy, they cry foul. Yes, we do this for Cayden, his mother, and his loved ones. He’s a beautiful, precious little boy whose family loves so dearly. I can’t imagine the shock and pain she went through after finding not only a picture of her son online, taking without her permission, but the horrible words spoken about him. Can you imagine? A parent’s love is so deep. That’s for sure, brother.

      Yes, Zimmerman will experience is karma. His arrogance keeps him thinking there are no repercussions for evil, but we all know there is.

      Good night, Truth.

    • Great Words

      Bless You Sister.

    • I hope you feel the same way regarding all racism in any form,.

    • noirluv45

      I feel the same way about systematic racism that allows cops to pull over, harass and possibly kill innocent Black people. I feel the same way about systematic racism that red lines Blacks and keeps them from home ownership. I feel the same way about a system that put into place the school to prison pipeline. I feel the same way about the media who controls the images of Black people and others that continue to reinforce negative stereotypes. If all people are affected by those things, then the answer to your question is yes. What other forms of racism would you like me to address? No shade; just saying.

    • None – just wanted to be clear that racism, in any form, regardless of color or ethnicity, is not tolerable in any environment, ever.
      I don’t care if you’re white, black, brown, yellow, pink, purple – racism against another based off the color of their skin or culture is bigotry, period.

    • Do you feel the same way about the former Marine in DC that was attacked by black teens asking him “BLM” questions in McDonalds & then jumped him from behind, beat him, and robbed him? What about that racism? Do you condemn their racist actions?

  • mywordsaremypower

    How does this tirade help find employment to a racist?. He loves the spotlight, if you were so ashamed go into hiding, people are quick to forget you and their anger will be tuned into something new next week.