Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Actress Reagan Gomez-Preston started an intellectual discussion on Twitter recently when, in light of the recent Ben Fields story (where a South Carolina Deputy was caught on camera violently removing a black teenager from her classroom) she commented on higher rate of suspension among black girls versus white girls in school. She also shed light on how black girls’ school experiences differ drastically from those of white female students.

“We know black girls are suspended at 6x the rate of white girls. Black Women, how was your experience in school?,” she tweeted.

The replies flooded in with women recalling unfair treatment, being embarrassed/singled out as their classmates watched on and generally being discouraged from goals that were deemed far-fetched and unattainable by their white teachers.

To read more responses from from other Black women please click here to visit Reagan’s Twitter!

How was your school experience?

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  • Jade

    I actually felt the most uncomfortable in my predominantly all black high school. I had the most issues with the faculty there vs my mix raced middle and elementary school.
    I got suspended in elementary school, but that was justified, in my opinion. I was being bullied over my impediment, and I punched the boy in the face. i got suspended for a week, not because the teacher wanted to. He felt like I had a right to do what I did, but it was school policy. The parent wanted me expelled, but the teacher and principle AND dean knew i was a good kid and knew I was bullied a lot, so they settled for a 1 week suspension that led in to spring break. so 2 week vacation!
    At my predom. black school, I felt like I was stereotyped. That because I went to an all black school, I was supposed to be a certain way. I kissed my boyfriend goodbye in the hall, and the dean took me to her office and called me “fast” and said “this isnt the cut. Yall probably break up in a month or two anyway” (I wonder how surprised she’d be to find that, this is our 8th year of being together) and “you are disrespecting yourself AND your family. Leave that stuff on the corner. Im gunna call your parents, fast self” (she was black)

    One of my teachers— i cant remember what he did exactly. I think he told me that I was wrong and was always going to BE wrong and basically went off on me. I was so frustrated and upset (i had never been spoken to that way before) I ran out of the class room and straight to the dean and told her. She said “yes, he was wrong for saying that to you and that was inappropriate. but do you know what else was wrong? you walking out of class like that. You are going to go right back to class and apologize to him” (the teacher who yelled at me was black. the dean was white)

    • Peaches

      As a teacher, I would have wrote you up for kissing in the hallway too. That had no place in a school environment.

    • Jade

      I’m not saying what I did was right. I admit, I shouldn’t have done that, even if it was a quick kiss on the cheek.
      I went to my biology teacher, who I trusted and felt comfortable with. I was upset and everything because it was the first time I had gotten in trouble at my high school and I panicked thinking i would get expelled or something. I told her what I did and told her I should have and I would take the punishment for it, but all of the extraness that that woman did was uncalled for.
      My teacher asked me what she said and I told her and she was shocked. She went to the vice principle on my behalf.

  • My abuse in my foster home didn’t start till kindergarten. My teacher sent me to time out, while ignoring the white kids talking in class. As a result, I got beat at home, for getting in trouble in school. My first concept of unfairness, having a teacher tell me to be quiet: white girl asked me a question, I answered. And was the only one who got in trouble. Remember thinking how unfair it was. School began the abuse that has lasted through the present

  • binks

    Criminlization of the black youth. None of these statistics and stories are surprising sadly. I hate to say it but schools aren’t what they use to be and neither are teachers. There was another study just done that basically stated that black girls have a harder time fitting in and being accepted at mixed/predominately white schools compared to black boys. That is why I advise any parent of a black child, please know what is happening in your child’s school and be aware. Being a child/teenage in today’s world is hard, and school doesn’t help easing that difficulty. Great discussion started by Reagan Gomez she is always hits it out of the part on social commentary.