“Who is working today, brothers and sisters? The black woman. Who’s making more money? The black woman. Who is more educated? The black woman. Who’s world are we in? The white man’s world.”

That’s the opening statement from Minister Louis Farrakhan’s daughter Donna in a speech on reverse gender roles which she attributes solely to the corruption of the white man. Dr. Boyce Watkins recently shared the video on his YouTube channel which sparked a great deal of debate, and understandably so.

Donna’s man point in her speech is society — or as she calls it, “the white man’s kingdom” — has emasculated the black man to the point that we are out of order with the gender roles set out in the Bible and the Quran which both call for men to be the head of the family. Instead, what we see are women “making the bread and butter” and black men being denied jobs. And, according to her, this has grave effects.

“He’s got her bamboozled,” she said of the white man, “because now, put a little money in her pocket, she starts getting a little heavy voice. With a little money in her pocket, her mouth is uncontrollable. What is she saying to you? She’s saying, ‘I make the money in this house. I pay the cost to be the boss. If you don’t like what I say, you know what to do.’

“She’s not seeing the bigger picture — the hidden hand. She’s not seeing the hidden hand of the white man; the slave master. We have the appearance of being free but he’s still in all our affairs.”

Oh, if only sister Farrakhan didn’t subscribe to such antiquated ways of thinking about gender roles perhaps I’d be shouting and whistling like the members of the crowd too. See while I certainly believe evidence of white oppression exists in just about every facet of black life today, Donna is speaking from the assumption that black women don’t know what time it is.

We know black men are under attack — that’s why we started #BlackLivesMatter. We know there are systems in place in nearly every societal institution to keep black boys from ever thriving as black men. That’s why so many of us get caught up in the system ourselves trying to be ride-or-die girlfriends and wives. The problem isn’t necessarily that we don’t feel empathy for black men or we’ve been tricked, it’s that if we know these obstacles exist then black men do too and we just want to know what they’re going to do about it.

And let’s not act like black men are sitting around just dying to be welcomed into the arms of black women. For the most part, black men know who has their back and yet when issues concerning us and the trickery we succumb to as a result of racists and sexists, we hear crickets from out male counterparts. Nobody’s marching, protesting, or rioting, black men, by and large, simply go on about their day. Who’s bamboozled now?

Yes, it’s true that when black women earn a living (because no one is putting money in our pocket) we do have some rules about how we’ll be addressed and subsequently treated, but it’s not because we want to emasculate black men, we’re just doing what we have to do to survive.

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  • vintage3000

    Black American women are the only people in the world vilified for being educated and supporting ourselves. Later for this silly, brainwashed broad, her pervert father and anyone else who spouts this nonsense-lol.

  • Terrence Nelson

    We need to stop subscribing to propaganda that separates black men and women no matter who it’s coming from. Society shouldn’t be an excuse for anybody’s household.

  • Me

    “Who is working today, brothers and sisters? The black woman.” AND THAT’S OK

    “Who’s making more money? The black woman.” AND THAT’S OK

    “Who is more educated? The black woman.” AND THAT’S OK

    “Who’s world are we in? The white man’s world.” And that doesn’t change regardless of who’s bringing in more money into the house.

    Here’s the problem: A strong man of any race wouldn’t feel threatened by MONEY. What he needs to feel threatened by is insecurity. The insecurity that makes his household a target for trigger happy racists (no amount of money solves that). The insecurity that makes access to credit impossible for his family to own a home (if you squabbling over who has the money, your money ain’t solving this). The insecurity that makes the school system in black neighborhoods worse off than schools in other neighborhoods. And the insecurity that tells him that the ONLY way he can prove his manhood is by controlling his woman with money.

    “She’s saying, ‘I make the money in this house. I pay the cost to be the boss. If you don’t like what I say, you know what to do.’”

    Any man who has pushed his wife to the point that she’s saying this to him clearly has not been taking care of business. When your woman is in a position that she feels like she has to throw out ultimatems, it’s a sign that y’all have not been working together as a couple and partnership. Y’all have been working against each other trying to “run things” and forgetting that nobody marries their enemy, so you need to quit treating each other as such.

    If you take your woman’s accomplishments as an affront (or even worse: if you seriously think you’re woman’s achievements are a racist ploy *against you*), you’re not the man you wish you were.

    • Tanielle

      Nothing to add, you said it all.

    • Amen. . . .

  • Qris_10

    Black women cannot “emasculate” men by being themselves. We are intelligent and strong human beings who know how we want to be treated, and many of us aren’t afraid to say so. If a black man FEELS emasculated it is because of something within him that is the problem. If a black man FEELS emasculated it may be because he believes that women who speak up for themselves and are educated threaten him somehow. This “emasculated” man should probably seek therapy, not complain about how women who demand to be treated with respect, dignity, and like the intelligent beings we are, are making him feel like less of a man.
    And women need to quit telling other women how to be a “good woman”. On both sides of the fence. You have super femin-nazis out there telling women they should work and have their own money and have lots of sex in the name of liberation, and not shave their armpits, yadda yadda. Then you have people like Minister Farakhan’s daughter telling women to cater to men’s every need and desire by putting their wants and needs ahead of our own, playing down education, not working (or making sure to earn less than their man), blah blah. Stop the madness!! Let women be who they want to be without Peanut Gallery judgment please!
    And men, if you want a Stepford Wife who will have your slippers and dinner ready every evening that cooks, cleans, and likes “Whatever you like” (Coming to America), then find HER. Find a woman who wants to be that. Don’t court a woman who has her eyes on a law degree and whose career goals are very important to her, and then try to complain when she is head-strong, vocal, and gives zero f***s about your slippers when you get home. My point is, find what you want out of a spouse. Be your damn self! Stop playing into what you think you should do or be in a relationship b/c you are a woman/man. And for goodness sakes stop blaming black men’s dysfunctional life crises on black women. Not our issue …seek psychoanalysis for that

  • Aria Whitaker

    Woman, please. Lets be real: If it weren’t for those educated and/or employed women you sneer at …MANY more black children would be homeless, hungry and uneducated…because so many of their fathers aren’t taking care of them. Where is THEIR lecture m’am? What white man put a gun to their heads and told them to deny or abandon their own dayum kids, lady? Gtfoh ✋

    • Ms.

      I agree. I mean, you all see the state Black Men are currently in. Everything that happens to them, they do to themselves & then they blame the white man & the black woman. Black Men even participated in the Million Man March hosted by this fool’s father, Farrakhan. Black Men walked all the way to a different city, and then came back. Each Black Man could’ve donated $10 or even $20 into a fund to help black men collectively or to start something for black male youths. But notice how Black Men didn’t do that. They walked back home & complained more about Black Women & White Men keeping them down.

      Black women, do you see a million Asian Men exerting themselves walking to a city? Do you see a million Mexican Men walking? Do you see Arab Men? The Black Man is the only fool out there walking like that to come back empty-handed. Black Women, you really think you’re going to get someplace with this man, this fool? Other races of women feel sorry for Black Women & this fool of a man she has to carry.

    • Ms.

      Let me backtrack. Did Black Men pool their money together at the Million Man March to collectively raise money to put towards black boys or even themselves? I couldn’t find info so I assumed they didn’t. Someone correct me if I’m wrong and show me the link to an article that details how Black Men put their money together at the march. Thank you.