screen_shot_20141126_at_3.16.22_pm.png.CROP.rtstoryvar-medium.16.22_pmA Cleveland police officer under investigation in the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, killed while carrying a pellet gun in a park last November, used reasonable force against the boy, according to two reports.

The two probes were conducted at the request of the investigating prosecutor’s office as it presents evidence to a grand jury, which will decide whether to charge the officer. Both reports—one by a senior prosecutor in Denver and a second by a retired supervisory special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation—found the actions by Timothy Loehmann, an officer who was in field training, were reasonable.

Both reports noted that Tamir’s age shouldn’t be a factor and that police officers are often forced to make “split-second” judgments. The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office also released a third review, a reconstruction of events by the Ohio Highway Patrol.

“There can be no doubt that Rice’s death was tragic and, indeed, when one considers his age, heartbreaking,” said S. Lamar Sims, the Denver prosecutor, a member of a team that investigates shootings involving police. But “I conclude that Officer Loehmann’s belief that Rice posed a threat of serious physical harm or death was objectively reasonable as was his response to that perceived threat.”

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty accuses the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association of failing to cooperate with the investigation into the death of Tamir Rice. The union counters that McGinty is just grandstanding.

It is the latest clash between a prosecutor and union who fought over the prosecution of another officer in a racially-charged case in a city under federal scrutiny for how its police force interacts with the public.

“The union operates by a double standard,” McGinty said. “It rightly asks the general public to have the courage to cooperate with police in serious criminal investigations, yet when the conduct of officers is being investigated, refuses to help.”

Image Credit: Family of Tamir Rice

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  • We have seen this story all too often. The Cleveland Police Department has disrespected the family of Tamir Rice. This time is no exception. Loehmann was the officer who killed Tamir Rice. Loehmann has a known history of mental instability and he was rejected when he applied for work at other police departments. Then, he was hired by the CPD. He should have never been a cop in Cleveland at all. When the daughter of the mother of Tamir Rice tried to come to her brother, the cops tackled her, and tossed her into a patrol car. Some of these cops have absolutely no respect for black human lives. This incident is one example of a serious problem of misconduct and the total disregard of human life by many police officers.

    Tamir Rice was murdered in less than 3 seconds. Rice was not a direct threat to anyone. It is important to note that both officers never gave Tamir Rice first aid after he was shot. Only one FBI did first. The police said that Rice was seated at a table with other people. The video showed that Rice was alone. The video showed that Rice was shot almost immediately after Loehmann exited the vehicle. The video showed that Rice did not pull out the toy gun. In the video, Rice is using both hands to hold his shirt up and expose the pellet gun to view just before he falls to the ground. Tamir Rice absolutely did not pull the air gun out of his waistband and brandish it in any way.

    The DOJ has documented the problem of police corruption in Cleveland. The murder of a child is truly wrong. We should never stand for this. This incident has nothing to do with intraracial crime. This incident has nothing to do with black families. This incident has everything to do with the mentality of many cops who want to shoot first and ask questions later. This whole circumstance is how crooked cops could care less about truth and justice. The police unions who has expressed unconditional support for any officer should be ashamed of themselves. The character assassination of a little boy is truly heinous. We are in solidarity with the family of Tamir Rice.

    RIP Tamir Rice.

    #Black Lives Matter.

    • noirluv45

      I just want to cry!

    • I feel you. The slander against a little boy by the haters will make anyone feel indignant anger at injustice. Rice’s family is strong and we show empathy toward Rice’s family as a signal of our love for our people.

    • Noirluv45

      How could it not make a person feel that way, Truth. Anyone who would justify such a thing has an evil heart. God forbid something like this happen to one of their loved ones.

    • Exactly Sister. Tons of people have a heart and other folks don’t. A young child won’t have a chance to see 20 because of the actions of murderer. When I see Tamir Rice, I see many black children who just want to live their lives. We honor our lives by showing compassion and standing up for what is right.

  • mywordsaremypower

    This is so sad. So here we have it folks, shooting a black child is a reasonable force. It is okay to kill a black child in 2 seconds with out assessing the scene. They then wonder why people want you to fry like bacon because you cover up for pigs like this, you make it okay for them to commit crimes like this over and over again. The fucking union protects filthy cops and always will, and if there are good cops out there then they need to band together and put on a unite front against those who are not doing their jobs and upholding the law. If you have to his behind a badge, if you have to hide behind a uniform, if you have to hide behind a gun; you are not fit to police the streets from criminals as you are one yourself. That poor child lost his life over something so senseless and White America is quick to turn their back and not uproar about this but will hunt down a man who fucking shout a lion who would maul you to do death if it had to feed it’s young. This world is oh so cold when it chooses to be. This article really saddened me, I feel for his family I really do and my thoughts an prayers are not enough for his family and any other families where their family has been killed in cold blood by assassins in blue.

    • These assassins in blue have no shame in their repugnant conduct. They obviously don’t care about the life of a black child.

    • Noirluv45

      No, they sure don’t care. They don’t see us as human, and in their sick, twisted minds, they feel justified. Evil, evil, evil.

    • For them to even blame a young child for his own death shows that they are totally evil in their disrespect of a grieving family.

    • Noirluv45

      Yes, sir, totally evil is what they are, Truth! They will make any excuse to justify their evil. That’s what’s so sick about it.

    • I agree with you Sister.

    • Noirluv45

      Well said.

    • Rizzo

      kind of wonder where potus and loretta lynch are.

  • Mitch

    I always felt that the shooting of Tamir Rice was one of the most, and possibly the most heinous shooting of all. This kid was shot doing what kids his age do, playing. In an instance he went from playing in his own little world to dead. I often wonder if he knows he is dead.

  • Mary Burrell

    There is so much wrong in this tragedy and i feel there will be no justice for Tamir.

  • *NmySkynn70*

    pure B.S., had this been a little white boy playing in the park w/a toy gun the outcome would not have been the same (that little white boy would have went home unscathed)!! I hope and pray that justice can be had for the mother who lost this young innocent child so tragically, in spite of these pro-law enforcement reports!!

    • Teach Sister.

      If it has been a little white boy, the cop would have drove the boy home. Many of these cops are sick. Obviously, the innocent child was murdered. We all express our condolences to Tamir’s family.

    • *NmySkynn70*

      Preach Brotha, so true. I just hope something can come out of this so that little child’s life won’t have been in vain. . . . i swear just so tragic. . .

    • I hope that something is done too. The child should have been alive today being with his family. The murdering cop should be in prison. Life is so precious and we will always oppose police tyranny.