Black actresses have been making historic strides in film and television this year and Sanaa Lathan is now the latest woman of color to land a starring role on a primetime television network.

Just as reports began to circulate that Sanaa was recently cast as the lead in an upcoming yet-to-be-titled Fox drama series, she confirmed the news via social media on Tuesday evening with a single Tweet:

The show is being spearheaded by famed Love & Basketball director Gina Prince-Bythewood and will revolve around the aftermath of events following the shooting death of a white teen at the hands of a Black police officer. According to THR, Sanaa will play a witty investigator who has been assigned to the case by the Department of Justice and accompanies her partner to the town where the shooting took place in hopes of uncovering the truth. Together, the duo will have to handle the effects excessive media coverage and public outrage in the wake of the killing as they pursue justice in the face of a brewing race war within the community.

Given the unresolved racial tensions between law enforcement and the Black community as the police war on Black lives continues to run rampant, the reversal of race roles in the storyline for this series will most certainly provoke raw commentary once it begins airing.  Paired with the one-sided Fox News agenda that’s seemingly intent upon vilifying the “Black Lives Matter” movement at all costs, it’s sure to be one explosive fall season.

Nevertheless, Gina Prince-Bythewood is certainly no amateur, with films like Beyond The Lights, The Secret Life Of Bees and Love & Basketball under her belt, so we definitely look forward to seeing what type of thought-provoking, timely elements she adds to the narrative for this sure-to-be-controversial series.

Photo Credit: DeWayne Rogers for Rolling Out Magazine

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  • Mico

    I am wondering what the motivation is for this reimagining of how society actually works. Like I’m sure there have been some victims of police violence, where the victim was white and the cop black, but its not prevalent. And like other posters said, the cop was probably not as protected by the unions as would be if they were white. Like I could maybe understand if it’s to show white viewers our perspective. But like it seems as another poster stated a way to make white people the victims once again. And even if it was the first option, one black cop killing a white kid does not have the historical background that comes with a white cop or any cop killing a black person or other poc. One cop doing this is also not in any way comparable to the state violence and death that disadvantaged populations have to deal with. At this point I’m also done with attempting make wp or others see and acknowledge our humanity. If you racist and think that black people don’t deserve to exist, you’re the enemy and not my friend. Regardless of what I do or say you won’t acknowledge my humanity anyway, so all I can do is keep living my life and fighting for my and other black peoples freedom.

  • EbonyLolita

    Once again Fox 5 pushing the WHITE narrative and Ms. Lathan so eager to get some “work” she’s being used as a pawn. White ppl will not watch it & Blacks will shun it. Let’s all just quit while we’re ahead. I’m already disgusted.

  • chivalrous1won

    White male police officers commit more crimes against unarmed individuals black or white than any other race/gender combined

    So how is the premise of this show believable or entertaining?

  • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser


    • Mary Burrell

      ?That’s cute