Poet Siana Bangura was minding her own business last Friday when she became the victim of a racist attack.

While riding on the London Midlands train to Liverpool for a performance, Bangura says an intoxicated man began harassing her, calling her names like “monkey” and “Black n-gger bitch.”

After the incident, Bangura detailed it all on Twitter.

After turning his attention to another passenger, Bangura says the intoxicated man left her alone until the man he was talking to got off the train. Then, the harassment began.

While many believe the UK is a multicultural haven, the country has been experiencing a rise in right-wing, anti-immigrant sentiment lately. This affects many people of color, even those who were born in the country.

Unfortunately, Bangura’s interaction with the intoxicated man went from bad to worse as his abuse escalated. Even more troubling? No one came to her aid when she needed help.

Even after the man struck Bangura, no one stepped in to help her, so she took matters into her own hands.

A few passengers eventually stepped up to help Bangura, stopping the train and calling police who arrested the man. He was charged with “racially aggravated common assault,” and is on bail pending the next hearing in December.

Since sharing her story on Twitter, many have spoken out in support of Bangura. She’s been interviewed by several news outlets like Buzzfeed and the BBC, and vows to continue to share her story and turn it into something positive.

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