Poet Siana Bangura was minding her own business last Friday when she became the victim of a racist attack.

While riding on the London Midlands train to Liverpool for a performance, Bangura says an intoxicated man began harassing her, calling her names like “monkey” and “Black n-gger bitch.”

After the incident, Bangura detailed it all on Twitter.

After turning his attention to another passenger, Bangura says the intoxicated man left her alone until the man he was talking to got off the train. Then, the harassment began.

While many believe the UK is a multicultural haven, the country has been experiencing a rise in right-wing, anti-immigrant sentiment lately. This affects many people of color, even those who were born in the country.

Unfortunately, Bangura’s interaction with the intoxicated man went from bad to worse as his abuse escalated. Even more troubling? No one came to her aid when she needed help.

Even after the man struck Bangura, no one stepped in to help her, so she took matters into her own hands.

A few passengers eventually stepped up to help Bangura, stopping the train and calling police who arrested the man. He was charged with “racially aggravated common assault,” and is on bail pending the next hearing in December.

Since sharing her story on Twitter, many have spoken out in support of Bangura. She’s been interviewed by several news outlets like Buzzfeed and the BBC, and vows to continue to share her story and turn it into something positive.

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  • mywordsaremypower

    They say it is an American thinG. England is racist no doubt about and people are not as obvious as this asshole but they are. Its seems if your dark your considered black, if your light are mixed( I get called mixed all the time). It hurt when I see people attack other people verbally or physically then act like victim of the racism deserved it. White people are the able of my life sometimes. An Asian men had to step in an Asian man and Liverpool is mostly white.

    • BillipPhailey

      America has the trash that could afford to move. England has the trash that could not.

    • mywordsaremypower

      Not all of America’s trash could move. People in Englan who cannot stand ethnicity move to the English countryside, where if you saw a POC it is like seeing an alien to them.

    • AfroCapricornette

      It seems to me that it’s gotten worse in England in the past 10 years or so…and I grew up there…A-levels, Uni, couple of jobs, loadsa family etc. It used to be that idiot slobs like this man would glare and murmur. Now, it’s outright verbal and even physical. I’m not surprised everyone was silent. The English are like that (granted most not all), not wanting to ’cause trouble’ or ‘make a scene’. They’re in a ‘no immigrant’ phase now that has escalated over the years and that means dislike of non-EU residents, even some ‘unwanted’ EU residents, like the Polish and eastern Europeans…heck even Australians! Sigh…world has gone to the dogs. Good thing we’ve found water on Mars!

    • mywordsaremypower

      Do not get me started on Eastern Europeans, their countries are messed up and they blame minorities for it, when it is down to greed from the rich. They then come to London but harbor very nasty views about everyone,. For what ever reason the Polish love to bring up WWII but forget their county were traitors. I witnessed a white polish woman racially attack a black woman then proclaim she was not being racist because she sits on black dick. Let me tell you every black person in earshot let her have it, then her black bf got on the next stop and defended his white snowflake. Then a man yelled at him and called him a coon, he would only listen to the snowflakes events of things. He then eventually listened to what happened, next thing you know he was apologizing and basically dumped her in front of everyone. Out of my 22 years of living and witnessing my fair share of tube disagreements, this was by far the best. The whole tube carriage applauded him, she was in bits she got off her stop. He got off the next one to avoid any contact with her. I assumed he was going back to that stop but waited for the next tube to take him back.

    • AfroCapricornette

      Lol…my ex then was told to hire a Pole instead of a Brit citizen cos this Pole could be paid less. This Pole could barely speak English, I mean barely, was not that educated and he wanted to be front of house person at a London boutique hotel? He said a big no to his boss and short-listed qualified candidates. I think the English detest the Poles more than any other nationality.

      Seriously. I’ve never witnessed any crazy tube incidents but the closest I’ve been involved in was a week after 7/7 when the whole city was still on edge. My mom and I on a bus from Brent Cross to Edgware and 4 Brit-Asians come on in full Muslim wear: beard, cap, white kaftans. You could’ve heard a fly perch…that quiet. The bell suddenly rang for the next stop and I swear EVERYONE got off the bus. We weren’t that far from our stop but it was still a 15min walk. It seemed that we all preferred to walk instead of stay on for 5mins.

    • mywordsaremypower

      I understand why you and everyone else got off the train after such a time. Now It is increasingly getting worse for Muslims and bad bits of their religion are being highlighted but not all of Christianity is praise Jesus love thy neighbor either

      Polish people are detested and have no clue but are quick to blame minorities. I remember I was in a hotel I had a lot of luggage and I was on the way to the trains station. I was late for checking out and the manager saw my bags and asked if I needed help. I said yes and we had a bit of a joke. She said to me take your time and she will call down about it. 2 mins passed I opened the door and a young women was surprised to see who was in the room. She muttered that I had to get out. I said I was jut leaving. She then muttered under her breath that I probably stained the sheets. I stopped in the hallway and had a huge verbal war with her. Her manager came rushing down the hallway, and asked what was going on. She proclaimed I called her a dirty pole, which I did not. I had no idea she was polish. She tried so hard to play victim. The manger who was white herself was not having any of it, it may of worked in Poland but not here. She apologized to me and offered me complimentary stay with the full works for free. She felt so bad about her employee she even pulled me to the side and asked if there was any more she could do, almost if she wanted me to say let her go. I don’t want people loosing jobs but I think if you work in hotel you have to be a people person. I just told her that you need to re-train her or look for someone else who is not racist.

  • mdottwo

    I was a kid when the Queen gave former colonials the right to immigrate the England. I wondered then if she had lost her mind. Britain had so many colonial outposts that it supported the saying that “…the sun never sets on the British empire.”

    Britain is an island with limited space, which had a fairly homogeneous society.
    She literally granted all kinds of people from all kinds of different religious, racial, cultural, and distinctly different political societies from all around the world, to come and set up shop right in the middle of the world’s most established culture. Even as a child, I knew that was a bad idea.

    A bit of forethought would have at least suggested that the newcomers would never fit in nor really feel like true Brits, because they had no cultural history in this most historic land. Yet, many came; so many, along with a high illegal alien count, that the indigenous Brits now feel put upon and displaced in their own land.

    London is almost majority non-white, with large Indian, African and Arab populations. Now, the most popular name for newborns in London is Muhammad. The muslims have set up “no go zones” with street signs that essentially dictate that Sharia law is in effect in these areas where British police are afraid to enter. Organized rape gangs are stalking, abducting and making sex slaves out of young white girls; they are even selling them to men in Arabic nations.

    The muslim hate for the white Christian indigenous Brit is venomous; as indicated by the horrific bloody images on TV of raging black African muslims cutting off the head of white British servicemen who was waiting at a bus stop outside of a military base, in broad daylight.

    Britain certainly have multicultural problems, of which racism is just one of many issues. It’s not all one-sided.

    • AfroCapricornette

      This has nothing to do with what was done to this lady just minding her business reading or dozing off on the train. While I agree with you on the limited space and Islam in the UK (too long to go into here), there’s no excuse for what he did. And FYI, the ”raging black African muslims” converts that beheaded Lee Rigby (the soldier) were born and raised in England and had never visited Nigeria, their parents’ country of origin. Therefore, they were radicalised in England. You can’t pin this on us lol. So there!

    • Reina Benoir

      Do they let you get away with that “no go” bullshit in the UK? Because even American right wingers, who are dumber than a box of rocks, now know they can’t get away with that damn lie. You really think that people here don’t know that Fox News tried it and got called out on it?

      Bigoted fool, please!

    • Chazz A

      “indigenous Brits now feel put upon and displaced in their own land”

      Are you being serious or just trolling? There is a mountain of documentation on Great Britain’s quest to conquer and colonize the planet.
      Many non-white indigenous people have been brutalized, displaced and robbed of their land and culture. I fail to see the significance in your comment and the racist attack on an innocent black woman.

    • mdottwo

      Indigenous people have a right to the progeny of their homeland. Mugabe is repatriating Ugandan land to Ugandans, in a effort to take back valuable resources that had been taken out of the hands of the indigenous peoples by foreigners who invaded their land. In my opinion, he the right and the cultural authority to demand that his cultural way of life not only promoted, but the wealth of the land be restored to the people of Uganda.

      The fact that the English colonized peoples around the world doesn’t exempt them from, like every other group that freed themselves from British rule, to the right to lay claim to their own homeland and cultural way of life.
      Any group of people who feel encroached upon, will push back – no matter what color they are.

      I am not endorsing English colonialism. But the fact that it existed cannot be dismissed, and definitely is part of understanding what is going on in Britain. The racist attack upon the black woman is a symptom of a larger multi-cultural bubbling cauldron in Britain.

      I certainly don’t support the assault. I have been assaulted in the same way on subway in Cambridge, MA. It was a life altering experience. I will never forget the consuming rage in the eyes of my attacker. A perfect stranger, out of the blue, began screaming racial slurs and sputtering while I, like everybody else on the train, looked on in stunned silence. She hit me over the head with a plastic folded shopping bag. If that woman had taken out a weapon to use against me, I would have been helpless to defend myself. It was that sudden. I know how this black woman feels from experience.

      However, black people, no matter where they live need to understand the context of the situation in which different black nationals live. Britain is not the US, and I was only pointing out what possibly motivated the drunken rage, given the current situation in Britain. What’s different about the situation is that it’s not just a black and white thing. Black Africans come under attack from Asians and Arabs. Black Islanders also come under attack from other non-black ethnics. There is no social solution in sight. That is the reason that Britain has more public cameras than any other Western nation.

    • Monti

      you sound like an apologist to me. just save that noise. and don’t try to act like the UK is better than the US in regards to race. the UK’s wealth was–IS– tied to this foolishness.

    • mdottwo

      Apologist for what? Who said the UK is better than the US in regards to race? Stop reading false perspective into my words. My initial point was, the Queen was out of her mind to set up this situation in the first place. And the upshot is that the cultural situation is chaotic and getting worse. There are thousands of Syrians migrants overwhelming security guards, and are rushing the train tunnel to London daily. Just try to get a larger picture of what is happening.

    • AfroCapricornette

      Well, immigration has been halted now for at least a decade. Frankly, it’s easier emigrating to USA than the UK, esp if you can’t do so on a settlement visa or marriage. Even marriage is scrutinized as we all know some fake it for the papers. I understand what you’re saying in terms of diversity and space, trust me. I grew up there and hear family talk about it as well…but the attacks on people seen as ‘immigrants’ are just ridiculous. Esp when said ‘immigrants’ are as much as 4th gen citizens (recent) and even further! And those are the ones that can identify as Black or Asian. We all know London and England as a whole is royally mixed.

    • mdottwo

      Formal immigration has been slowed by the Brits, against the will of the EU, which is one of the reasons that the UK has many who want to pull out of the EU. Illegal immigration has continued.

    • AfroCapricornette

      True. Even illegal immigrants are finding it hard as landlords apparently require your immigration status (citizen, resident or visa holder) before renting. I personally know some Africans that had to go back home after being in England for 10 years or so. They had exhausted the student visa route and as you know, foreign students are no longer allowed to work for 1yr or 2 after graduation except the company reaaaaally wants them and even then, it’s jumping through hoops. Blacks (Africans and Caribbeans) are in every facet of life there. You can’t swing a cat in let’s say, London, without hitting professional Black citizens that pay taxes and are involved in community.

    • Chazz A

      In your initial comment, your tone seemed to suggest that you advocate colonialism and minimized the racist attack against the woman. I have a better understanding of your position on this topic.
      However, I’m not going to give a pass to the drunkard for his racist assault. There is no logical reason for a violent, unprovoked attack against a woman who was minding her business.

    • AfroCapricornette

      “indigenous Brits now feel put upon and displaced in their own land”.

      Mdottwo is just stating what these ‘indigenous’ Brits say and feel because I’ve heard/read the exact word from said people. Sad but true. Brits be crazy but not many people realize that. I tell you, I’m very scared of a crazy, white, ‘indigenous’ Brit with a knife! They are dangerous.

  • I’m not going to sugarcoat anything about this incident.

    I’m going to be PG here.

    A white racist barbarian harassed, cursed, and assaulted an innocent black woman in Britain. This racist barbarian spewed racial hatred and lies. Britain was never originally inhabited by the Angles or the Saxons (which many whites who live in Britain descend from. It was the Angles, and other Germanic tribes who conquered the UK via theft and war against the Celts centuries ago). Also, black people in Britain contributed a lot in WWII, in the civil rights movement in Britain, and in other arenas. So, this drunken white racist lied and said that Africans are ruining the social fabric in Britain when Britain has a known history of showing racial hatred against black people and against people of color for a long time. The UK was one of the strongest funders and supporters of the Maafa, imperialism, and colonialism. Many British people not only enslaved black people in Africa, they oppressed people in India and in other nations of the world. It is a total disgrace that people in that location never initially tried to help the woman.

    Some people talk about Muslims. Muslims have nothing to do with this incident. The vast majority of Muslims in Britain don’t hate whites and they don’t hate modern society in the UK. In America, we have a very heterogeneous society and some racist white supremacist fascists exploit issues of immigration as an excuse for them to spew racist filth. I have reiterated that I will not bow before any white racist. Many racist gangs in the UK historically has harassed and assaulted African, Indian, and other Asian immigrants. Claudia Jones was a Afro-British Sister who fought for liberation. The white racist brute should be tried in court and put in prison for almost killing a black woman. We support black women. Malcolm X said it best in saying that we have to defend the black woman (Malcolm X is right that the black women is the most disrespected woman in the face of the Earth).

    Also, Malcolm X exposed the racism in the UK when he was in London and Smethwick decades (as Conservative MP, Peter Griffiths, had great support from racists in the 1960’s) ago. This is part of this struggle for liberation. This Sister is a brave woman and she has every right to defend herself. Black people have every right to show anger at injustice, to show disapproval at racism, and to use self defense if necessary to defend our human autonomy. She has every right to make a scene. Brutal acts by racists savages must be combated by any means necessary.

    When we stand up for truth, blessings come about.

    #Black Lives Matter.

    • John Henry


    • Chazz A

      That is the straight up Truth! I rate it a PG-13 brother!

    • Exactly.