Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Yesterday, Amber Rose held her highly publicized SlutWalk in downtown LA. In case you forgot how this movement began, Muva Rose’s mom was on hand to remind all attendees — and her daughter’s ex, Kanye, especially — with this not-so-subtle jab of a sign reading: “F-ck Yo 30 Showers!”

The sign was a reference to Kanye’s ridiculous comment about having to take 30 showers after dating Amber so he could get with Kim K. We would go into great detail about how laughable that remark was but we’re not slut-shaming today so…moving right along.

It’s actually that shade from Yeezy that gave Amber the idea for a SlutWalk in March and yesterday her vision became a reality when hundreds of supporters gathered to address a spectrum of injustices stemming from inherent double standards surrounding womens’ sexuality and gender-based oppression.

#amberroseslutwalk 😍😍😍🙌

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While many have critiqued Amber as not being the ideal figure to progress the anti-victim blaming movement and speak out against sexual violence, gender inequality and the like, it’s clear the crowd didn’t agree. And despite her mom’s sign, when speaking to the masses, Amber actually forgave her ex for shaming her as he did.


Check out more from the walk below


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Girls holding signs at the #AmberRose #SlutWalk today in LA. #WSHH

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  • Mico

    I do agree that Black Women in particular are faced with harsher consequences when we freely attempt to explore the scope of and celebration our sexualities. However, envision a world where yes even a black woman can do so. No woman should be shamed simply because she chooses to engage in consensual sexual acts, no matter how many partners, etc. While certain explorations may not be for me, any woman who chooses to do so as long as all parties have given consent should be able to go about her business and be in control over her own body and sexuality. This also goes for how a woman chooses to dress and dance as well. I also disagree with the idea of exploited communities taking back slurs against them, but I do understand the sentiment behind it. So while I dont know if Amber Rose is doing this for attention(she probably is), I do applaud her at least seemingly trying to turn a negative into positive actions for other young women to know that the meaning behind the word slut (a woman expressing her sexuality) can be something to revel in and not be ashamed of.