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A recent NY Post article titled “How The Kardashians Exploit And Destroy For Reality Ratings” konfirmed much of what we already knew about the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” crew.

While Former NBA Star Lamar Odom is still in critical condition at a Las Vegas hospital, reports say his health has gradually been improving over the weekend, after coming out of a coma and showing a promising sign of neurological function. Reports also say that his wife (despite signing divorce papers they are still legally married) hasn’t left his bedside at all.

While we’re all praying for the Sixth Man Of The Year to make a full recovery, a lot of people – including workers at The Bunny Ranch brothel where Lamar was found unresponsive five days ago, tell multiple news outlets that last Sunday night’s episode of KUWTK was what sent him over the edge. Apparently, he had begged Khloe to keep him out of it completely but she didn’t oblige.

The NY Post reports:

“Odom’s best friend had died of drug-related causes, and he’d called Khloe for consolation. She then self-servingly told the cameras that “I’m really on high alert for Lamar because anything, I think, will cause him to spiral and that’s really the last thing I want for him.”

Later in that same episode, Khloe said “my heart dropped to my stomach” when she heard that Odom might have shown up at one of her paid nightclub appearances. Her sister Kim told cameras that the idea of Khloe still talking to Odom “makes me sick.”

Sources say the Kardashian Klan running to Lamar’s bedside was completely ingenuine and that cameras were in fact, in tow. Other sources say that cameras haven’t been allowed to film Khloe at all during the hospital visit. It’s only a matter of time before we know the truth.

Prayers up for Lamar Odom. And here’s to also hoping that this horrible event forces them to draw some semblance of a line between what goes on camera and what is absolutely off limits.

Photo Credits: NY Post

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