Well, look at what we have here. Another white college professor pretending to be something she’s not. Seems like imposter syndrome is rampant nowadays.

In September, Dartmouth appointed Susan Taffe Reed as director of its Native American Program. She has an extensive academic background which includes a Cornell University Ph.D. and postdocs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Bowdoin College. Reed also stated that she is president of Eastern Delaware Nations Inc.

But what people failed to realize is that the Eastern Delaware Nations Inc. is not a recognized tribe and Native American students called the university out. And once that happened, people started researching Reed’s background.

If Dartmouth expected applause for hiring someone with a strong academic background and a personal background that would appeal to its Native American students, whom the program serves, it was mistaken.

Reed said she got her Native American background from her grandparents, but a site’s research found out  that they are white European immigrants.

People took to Dartmouth’s Facebook site and left comments like:

“Congratulations Dartmouth on hiring your very own Rachel Dolezal as the director of the Native American Program. Susan Taffe Reed is not a member of a federally recognized tribe nor does she have legitimate Native American ancestry.”

On Thursday, the college removed Reed from her position.

A college spokesperson told the Valley News that “the distraction around her appointment prevents her from effectively serving in this role. It does not prevent her from contributing to Dartmouth in other ways and we are currently exploring opportunities with her.”

But Reed still asserts her Native American background.

“My Native and non-Native family members raised me to know about my ancestry, including our family’s oral history and traditions that have been passed down for generations,” she said in an email to the WSJ. “I have participated in Native American ceremonies and powwow dancing since I was a little girl.”

Well maybe your family lied. Because according to real Native Americans, the Eastern Delaware Nation is filled with “pretendians”.

“They basically just formed their own nation and have been playing this role-playing game ever since,” Jacqueline Keeler, a Native American Dartmouth alum told the WSJ.


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  • mywordsaremypower

    I guess this is a epidemic now. In 20 years time they will be pushing for Transracial rights to be recognized . I swear to god what is it with these people. They already know how hard it is to be a person of color but they want to ride along too but when it gets to much they want to jump over board. I wonder how many Native Americans came to her defense of this one? I probably could count it on my fingers. We are the only race that allows others to take part of our culture, I do not see any other races allowing this mess so why do we. As much as we have issues with white people, black people also have issues amongst ourselves which needs to be fixed so we can all stand stronger together,

  • Deception in this magnitude is an affront to the dignity and the culture of people of color. Native Americans were the victims of theft, genocide, rape, and economic exploitation by white racist terrorists (for centuries from the actions of Christopher Columbus to the acts of many Europeans colonists). The Dartmouth professor should feel shame as I am glad that the Native American activists have called her out on her fragrantly inaccurate claims. People, who want to use the faux doctrine of transracialism as a way for them to promote deception, are folks that I have no respect for at all. Subsequent, we, as black people, do need to grow our institutions. Other ethnic groups historically have stood up for their interests then and now. We have the right to do the same. Also, tons of white people know the truth about racism, white supremacy, melanin, etc. It is just that some white people just want more control over the lives of people of color. Transracial actions are just another form of deceptive, cultural neo-colonialism. I do appreciate the Native Americans who called the professor out. Also, another point is to be made. We should never give up. We have a lot of issues internally, but giving up will never be an option in my soul and in my spirit. Our ancestors suffered a whole lot worse than us and we will carry onward in our goal for justice.

  • KamJos

    This happens too frequently in the Native American community.