Diana Ross recently became a grandmother after her son, Evan Ross and his wife Ashley Simpson, gave birth to a little girl named Jagger.

But yesterday, after a photo appeared online, people had the nerve to question if Ms. Ross was pregnant also.

Thankfully there are some people who have their common sense god gave them:

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  • Me

    Wait a minute. But what would be wrong if she WAS pregnant though? Folks throwing out 70 y/o like that makes it impossible.

    • *NmySkynn70*

      but would it not be medically sound for her to be at this stage in her life?

    • Me

      Maybe. But stranger things have happened. I just would hate for the message to be “Diana, pregnant? That’s RIDICULOUS” in the same breath as “stop fat shaming Diana”. She’s a woman entitled to be fat and/or pregnant if she chooses to be either. Both conditions are between her & her gyno to sort out.

  • Some people talking about Diana Ross being pregnant (which isn’t true) were trying to be slick in disrespecting her physical appearance in my opinion. Yet, she doesn’t look 71 to me. People can be pregnant over 50, but it is less common than people under 50. Also, there is a case of a 70 year old pregnant woman Omkari Panwar who gave birth to children (or twins) by postmenopausal IVF treatment with oocytes donation. Modern technology has increased the chances of women over 50 to be pregnant, but there are risk factors like gestational diabetes, hypertension, etc.

    So, Diana Ross is a beautiful black woman. She was a close friend to Michael Jackson and Diana Ross is a legend. Her songs are classics.

    • *NmySkynn70*

      Yes! she looks gr8, she can get around and she has all of her facilities, and as far as i’m concerned, she EARNED that pouch!! she’s been rail thin for a good portion of her early years, nothing wrong with a few extra pounds as long as they don’t get in the way of her health & mobility. . . .

    • I feel you. Life is about soul development. One aspect of this development is giving talents and giving love to the world. So, it is more important for us to help others with a sincere, genuine motivation than to embrace vanity in terms of obsessing with inconsequential things. So, that means that we should encourage each other as human beings and Diana Ross has made great contributions in music and in other arenas outside of music too. Diana Ross has been smaller for many years. There are many recent video of Diana living her life filled with strength and excellent acuity. Health and mobility are important. One thing that we will do is to treat our people right.

    • *NmySkynn70*

      Preach Brotha Man!!

    • Thank you Sister. :-)

  • *NmySkynn70*

    People on Twitter r reaching!! She is an AARP individual, how & why would she be preggers??

  • Mary Burrell

    Jagger Snow, Hmmm………

    • Aria Whitaker

      I kinda ? that one too…

  • TivoliEclipse

    I love Diar! I just want to say two words to her. Just two words…. Gluten Free…. and perhaps a little MMJ. I am sure she has a chronic something that would qualify for Doctor prescribed MMJ. Why MMJ you ask? Revved up metabolism = weight loss.