Watermelondrea responded to Raven-Symoné’s recent tirade against “ghetto” names and what she had to say may surprise you.

 “What exactly are you implying Ms. Pearman?” Watermelondrea asks during her hilariously on point video. “Are you implying that an individual with a ‘ghetto’ name is not capable of doing a job in the same manner as an individual with what is considered a ‘proper’ name?”

While Watermelondrea Jones, a character created by popular YouTuber Tré Melvin, threw a bit of shade at the former Cosby kid during the response, the goal of the video was to dismantle the myth that Black folks with “white-sounding” names are somehow more immune to racism than those with “ethnic” names.

As she put it, “Whether your name is Watermelondrea or whether your name is Ashley, to the white man, we still niggas.”


Take a look at Watermelondrea’s entire response below.

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