“I believe in the program so much I decided to invest in the company and partner in its evolution,” Ms. Winfrey said in a news release. 

Weight Watchers announced a partnership with Oprah Winfrey this morning. The Queen of all media empires will be buying a ten percent stake in the company and taking a seat on its board of directors. Weight Watchers’ business has been suffering as of late. Sales were down 22% and profits nearly 50% in the first half of this year alone and it doesn’t come as a surprise. Since its inception over 50 years ago – they now have an onslaught of competitors, each on a mission to popularize their own weight loss concepts and methods. 1.5 out of every 2 people have either scrolled past or purchased a waist trainer or an oversize pack of miracle teas. Others have tried juice cleanses and the people who don’t fit into those categories are motivated enough to eat right and work out on their own.

Weight Watchers plans to expand its focus, moving away from just weight loss and branching out into health and happiness as a whole. While they haven’t mentioned whether Oprah, the nation’s fifth wealthiest self-made American woman, will be a spokesperson or not – they are hoping the partnership will turn things around.

She’s got a golden touch, after all.

Image Credits: OWN/Standford U

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  • Oprah’s OWN is highly successful. Time will tell what the future of Weight Watchers will be. One thing is true though. We want people to be healthy and also we want people to have a positive body image. In other words, we want people to love their own image and honor their human dignity. Self-acceptance, love, and respect are precepts that are eternal.

  • *NmySkynn70*

    Good move O., W.W. has been around for YEARs, it’s even better today, but it’s all about making the right choices, and eating in moderation and incorporating some form of physical activity.

  • G

    Great news. O has always been a very positive lady, this partnership should bode well for all involved.

  • binks

    Good for Oprah, I truly admire her hustle because at this point in her life she can kick back and relax but she is always making moves and expanding her income and portfolio so she is an inspiration for stacking your coins, keeping them and making it work for you. And Weight Watchers is a great company to get behind, I know a ton of people who were successful doing it and manage to keep the weight off. So this seems like a natural fit.

  • Mary Burrell

    She is the consummate business woman