iowa-educator-accused-of-making-racist-comments-to-mixedrace-kids-video_1 A white couple from Grinnell, Iowa are furious after their biracial children came home from school and said a para-education teacher told them that  black people and white people should not be a family or go to the same school.

Geoff Burd said his daughter, who attends Bailey Park Elementary School, was distraught and saddened by what the teacher said to her and he wants action taken.

“It’s an unbelievable situation,” Burd said. “I work very hard to protect her. I have worked her entire life to protect her.”

Not only was his daughter confronted by the teacher, but so was his son. His son was allegedly told that black people were stupid and didn’t know anything.

According to the school’s superintendent Todd Abrahamson, the teacher has been placed on paid leave.

“We started a level one investigation, and that just started yesterday and today.” he told KCCI.

Burd said the he wants the teacher fired.

“I worry about their emotional stability,” he told reporters. “You can never take those words back, and she can never retract those words. She can never get those words out of my children’s head.”

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