Listen folks, people do a lot of crazy things when they find out their partner may be stepping out on them, but a woman claiming to be New York Giants star Victor Cruz’s fiancée just went about it all wrong.

Cruz has been on the injured list due to a bum knee for the past few months, but apparently that hasn’t stopped the football star from getting his swerve on. According to a text message allegedly from Cruz’s longtime fiancée Elaina Watley, the wide receiver has a few extra women on his team.

MediaTakeOut (ugh, we know) published a group text message supposedly from Watley to Cruz’s side chicks, telling them to back off.


Well damn.

Here’s the thing, though. While Watley may think she’s blowing up Cruz’s spot, something tells me his side-baes probably don’t care who he’s with so long as they get a piece of him too.

And while we aren’t sure this message is actually from Watley (we sure hope not), if it is, she should be having a conversation with her man, not going all Mokenstef.

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  • RaiseTheBar

    Makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to me. The only convo she should be expending her ENERGY is with Her HEALTHCARE practitioner(s) to ensure disease-free.

    NEXT, on the phone with moving companies to MOVE so far away from that TOXICITY.

    FTR: STOP Allowing One’s Self to Believe YOU are ALL-Powerful to keep these Boyz (Kidz) from sampling as many Candies as possible.

  • TuckingFypo

    Mannn, I bet $5 that all of them are tag-teaming Victor all at the same time while checking their phones and laughing at that message. That message will not stop anything. Just get out, chile.

  • LogicalLeopard

    Sad. Very sad.
    When you’re described as someone’s “long time fiancé,” you should probably sit down.

    • constance

      That’s what I thought too. If victor really cared about this girl who he has known since high school, he would have 1) married her before he got her pregnant and 2) not be having multiple affairs affairs, allegedly.