At just 35, Reagan Gomez is a Hollywood veteran. She’s wowed audiences as a spunky teen on the Parent ‘Hood, made us laugh as Roberta Tubbs on the Cleveland Show, and transformed herself into dozens of characters for both the big and small screen. While Gomez has continued to thrive in the industry, she’s also realized the importance of creating her own opportunities as well.

Through her company RGP Productions, Gomez has produced films and web series that showcase the actress’ talents as a writer and producer, and her latest effort, Surviving, is definitely one to watch.

Surviving is a sci-fi drama about a mysterious illness that begins taking over one town. The show centers on Shayla Robinson, a doctor, who tries to get answers about what exactly is happening in her city and stay alive as the virus spreads.

Sounds good, right?

Take a look at the first two episodes of Surviving below. 

What do you think of Surviving? 

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  • It’s interesting. It is suspenseful and let’s see what this will lead into.

    • Mico

      That’s good to know. I haven’t watched this series yet but the one she has starring her, her husband, and in laws is good and also adorable. I’m so proud of her. Have been rocking with her since The Parent ‘Hood as she is very dynamic and underrated. Another child actress, Andrea Lewis who was on Degrassi, also has a web series called Black Actress. The first season she partnered with Issa Rae, and it is really good and has featured well known veterans giving advice to people wanting to get into acting. I love how we have all these voices shining and sharing different stories.

    • You took me back with the Parent ‘Hood show. Short miniseries on the Internet are popular now. She is a talented actress and producer in her own right. The different stories shown by Andrea Lewis, Issa Rae, and other show the truth that we have diverse stories as black people. We love sci-fi, we love action stories, we love romance, and we love other forms of story telling too. Black Actress sounds very interesting. There is nothing wrong with the veterans showing their inspiration and their wisdom to other human beings. Talent among our people is all around.

    • Have a Great Day Sister.