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Seven players at Salmen High School in Slidell, Louisiana say they were dismissed from the basketball team after refusing to play for their new “touchy-feely” basketball coach because he made them feel uncomfortable.

Kayla Sibley told the New Orleans Advocate coach Panos Bountovinas met with the girls and let them know they were no longer a part of the team. When Sibley and her teammates asked the principal why they were being dismissed, the senior said the group was told they weren’t allowed to ask questions.

Prior to being excused from the team, the girls’ complained Bountovinas touched them too much and sometimes lingered in the locker room.

“I felt uncomfortable around him on and off the court because he was very feely. Hand on the shoulders and other places and stuff,” Sibley said. “It made me feel uncomfortable. I never had a touchy-feely coach before. I felt uncomfortable.”

She continued, “There were two games this season when (female assistant coach Wendy Stampley) told him to get out of the locker room while we were dressing. He hesitated,” she explained. “(Previous) coach (Kevin) Anderson last year never had that problem. Coach Bountovinas was just standing there. It took him a while to get out. This has happened more than once.”

This is Bountovinas’ first year at Salmen High School. Previously, he spent two years at Mount Carmel High School, where he led the team to a state championship, before stepping down for personal reasons.

A meeting between parents and Salmen High School’s principal is schedule for Thursday.

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  • Bountovinas is a pervert plain and simple. I congratulate the young girls in telling their stories. One important point in this world is that young people should be respected of their human dignity and of their private space. No male coach should be lingering inside of girls’ locker room point blank period, exclamation. That coach is sick and he should be ashamed of himself. He shouldn’t be touching on the girls playing sports like that. Sports should be an atmosphere of fun, teamwork, and camaraderie not a climate of perverse actions. That coach’s white privilege caused him to leave Mount Carmel without criminal charges. Any black girl and black woman’s space ought to be respected and that coach should be totally fired (as other great people have mentioned here).

  • Chazz A

    Why in the hell are the parents meeting with the principal? If one of these children were my own, I would remove her from that school and meet with the other parents to persue legal action. It is not safe for the children to be anywhere near this man or any other faculty member who may be willing to cover for him.

    • Exactly. This is a disturbing story. This male is an outright predator.

    • Chazz A

      No doubt brother, these types of incidents piss me off. When our young black children and our black elders are marginalized and taken advantage of, it never sets well with me!
      If these were white children, the parents would lawyer up and hand that coach his ass in a hat!

    • If these were white children, the coach would be in jailed indeed.

    • Noirluv45

      Bingo! You best believe, Chazz.

    • Noirluv45

      Truth, I like how you said, “male” and not “men.”

    • Good Afternoon Sister.

      That sick predator is certainly not a real man at all. That person need to be placed under the jail.

    • Noirluv45

      Good afternoon to you too, Truth. Agreed to the 100th power, brother. A real man respects women and to not invade our space when uninvited.

    • Teach Sister.

      Real men respect boundaries, honor justice, and follow the principles that our ancestors fought, bled, and died for. No one’s space should be violated in an unjust way. We all commend the young girls for their courage and for their activism against evil. We are born on this Earth to promote good and fight evil.

    • Noirluv45

      Amen, brother. Amen.

    • Teach Sister. Amen.

      Goodnight Sister.

    • Noirluv45

      You’re right, Chazz.

    • vintage3000

      ITA–I would not give anyone the opportunity to explain why they told my child they do not have the right to speak up about a pedophile. I could not even sit in the same room with that principal without wanting to tear out their throat. And i don’t even have kids, cannot imagine what it’s like to be a parent dealing with this.

    • Chazz A

      No doubt Vintage3000, I would catch a case if I sat in the same room with that Principal, word is bond!

    • trueletterson*[email protected]

      not only did the parents meet with the principal the parents requested that their child be reinstated on the basketball team coached by the same coach who they made the claims against!

  • MusikCityK

    I just read the follow-up story and the principal is now a district administrator so it is very unlikely he will want to admit to hiring a pedophile. Very political, the decision will not be made until after the Holidays.

  • Kels99

    This is interesting because if this same man threw on a wig and called himself a “transwoman”, Clutch , For Harriet, and all the Black feminists on tumblr would be supporting him as a “motherly woman” and accuse the girls of overreacting. LOL

  • Mochachick

    So, the girls did what we tell kids to do if they feel like their personal space is being violated and/or if someone touches them in a manner which makes them feel uncomfortable. . .tell a trusted adult, and the girls were punished. Ok, got it. WOW!

    The matter needs to be thoroughly investigated and the coach should be benched until this matter can be sorted out. Even if the coach’s intent was not malicious, his actions/behaviors made these teen girls feel uncomfortable, so at the very least, this MALE coach needs to be “coached” on changing his “touchy-feely” approach with this H.S. GIRLS basketball team.