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Obesity among American adults is still rising, despite decade-long public awareness campaigns and caloric transparency on restaurant menus nationwide. Women are overtaking men in the obese category. For the past several years, experts thought the nation’s once alarming rise in obesity had leveled off but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report¬†Thursday that the rate climbed to nearly 38 percent of adults in 2013-2014, up from 32 percent about a decade earlier.

Obesity rates for white men and white women remain very close but the black female obesity rate has soared to 57%, far above the black male rate of 38%. The gender gap is widening for Hispanics too, with 46% for women and 39% for men.

Experts say they had no explanation for why the rates are rising. What do you think the reason for increase could be? What should we be doing to push these numbers towards the declining end of the spectrum in government studies to follow?

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