A bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is under fire today, after a young woman accused the club of stamping her hand with the word “nigger.”

Taylor Ward, a freshman at LSU, had gone to Reggie’s, a local establishment, with friends, but her mood quickly soured when she noticed the stamp on her hand was a racial slur.

“The bar stamped our hands at the door, and shortly after I noticed that the stamp spelled nigger backwards. I immediately showed my friends,” she told CLUTCH. “We decided to bring it to the manager’s attention. However all he had to say was, ‘It’s a stamp,’ so we left.”

Ward said the stamp itself was upsetting enough, but what upset her the most was the manager’s indifference to her concerns.

“I was really shocked. What upset me the most is that it was blatantly disrespectful and it was obvious that the design of the stamp was intentional,” she explained.

While it doesn’t appear Ward was singled out for the stamp because she’s Black–she said others in the mixed crowed were also marked with the slur–she is frustrated by the entire experience.

“I just don’t understand why we’re still having to deal [with] racist incidents like this in 2015,” she wrote after posting the image to Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Reggie’s has been accused of being discriminatory. Earlier this month, the Daily Reveille, a student paper at LSU, published an interview with a Black student who said he was turned away from the bar because of his shoes. Interestingly, the bar’s dress code bans “political” clothing and “inappropriate symbols” on shirts, but flies the Confederate flag.

Ward’s first experience at Reggie’s was disheartening, but she isn’t letting the bar off the hook. In addition to sharing the image on Twitter, she said her parents are taking this matter “very seriously” and trying to decide what to do next.

CLUTCH reached out to Reggie’s for comment on this story, but has yet to hear back.

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