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We’ve already explained why we don’t think Caitlyn Jenner should’ve been chosen as Glamour’s Woman of the Year, but instead of just bringing up the problem, we decided to find a solution: Like 5 women who actually should have received the honor. Check the list and add your own suggestions in the comments section. Note: Since Misty Copeland did make Glamour’s long list of women of the year for 2015, we didn’t include her here; otherwise, duh!


Jada Pinkett-Smith has had an illustrious career as an actress, but it’s her call to end human trafficking that’s impressed us most in recent years. In 2012 the wife and mother testified on Capitol Hill, demanding Congress do more to stop women and girls from being sold into sexual slavery. Plus, she’s bringing up daughter Willow Smith to be an activist just like her and that is very cool.

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  • HighFashionJunkie

    that magazine is for whyte women so there should be no shock that any of these deserving contenders didn’t make the cut. We shouldn’t look to any outlet (entertainment industry, various print & other forms of media outlets, etc.) that constantly shut us out for validation.

  • mariah asphalt

    That Glamour selected Caitlyn as their woman of the year is vomitous.

  • There are tons of qualified, gifted Sisters who made great accomplishments in 2015 alone. We don’t need others to validate us. We can validate ourselves with our own power.

  • theresa.

    It frustrates me that ever since she’s come out, she’s been constantly adorned with award after award when she’s hardly done anything for the LGBTQ community. I respect her struggle with coming out, but that shouldn’t be the only thing that makes you qualified to win high profile awards, especially when there are other candidates who have been advocating for causes for most of their careers.

    • Mico

      Preach. As you said I respect her struggle as a trans woman, however other than that I don’t feel that she has the authority or the qualifications to be lauded as a representative of the trans community. She does not wish to speak out for and support trans rights other than her own individual rights within her own individual social sphere/class. She is also a horrible parent and people want to act like she wasn’t involved in a fatal car crash earlier this year. I remember when Brandy crashed her car and killed someone the press would not let it go.

    • theresa.

      Right? I love how the media conveniently forgets that she killed someone, too. Such a double standard.

  • Anastasia Hill-Thompson

    The title is misleading and I am going to give the author a serious side-eye for that. Caitlyn did not win “Woman of the Year”. There were several categories and she won Transgender Champion award. This article would have been better utilized showcasing transgendered women that have actually accomplished something more than “coming out”