If you’re one of the now 129,000 people who’ve signed a petition to have Raven-Symoné removed from The View, don’t get your hopes up. E! reached out to ABC to see if they’d gotten wind of this viral effort to cut the mic of their most controversial co-host yet and, as expected, it turns out the network is actually quite happy with Raven’s buffoonery. A spokesperson told E! Online:

“We love Raven. She is confident, genuine and opinionated, all qualities that make her a great addition to the panel.”

What about ignorant, discriminatory, and incessantly contrary? Do those qualities also make her a great addition to the panel?

What the spokesperson really meant to say is as long as Raven keeps making outlandish comments to piss off people who normally wouldn’t watch our show but now tune in just to see what nonsense will come out of her mouth, we’re happy. See during the premiere week of season 19 of The View, the talk show hit a three-month high in terms of ratings. According to TV by the Numbers:

For premiere week of season 19, ABC’s “The View” averaged 2.506 million Total Viewers, 551,000 Women 25-54 and 413,000 Women 18-49 for the week of September 7, 2015, based on Live +Same Day Data from Nielsen Media Research. “The View” turned in double-digit increases week to week (1.808 million, 363,000 and 282,000, respectively, for w/o 08/31/15) in Total Viewers (+39%), Women 25-54 (+52%) and Women 18-49 (+46%) to score its top performance in nearly 3 months – since w/o 6/22/15.

“The View” outdelivered CBS’ “The Talk” (2.011 million, 468,000 and 369,000, respectively)during the week in Total Viewers (+495,000), Women 25-54 (+44,000) and Women 18-49(+83,000). “The View” turned in its largest Total Viewer and Women 25-54 leads in over 8 months and biggest advantage in Women 18-49 in 5 months – since weeks of 11/24/14, 12/1/14 and 4/13/15, respectively.

So, instead of signing a petition, we really just need to turn off our TVs.

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  • mywordsaremypower

    Is this even surprising,they want coons in the media they are like fucking gold dust. Everything they say is agreed with by most of white America. I’m really getting tired of her face, she really is pushing it now. She is the problematic person you do not invite to a black gathering and then she finds out and complains to her white friends that we seclude those who are different. We only seclude those who are coons so go joint them and then you con revel in the coonery itself. I love how she and don sour mouth are against themselves they make comments on black people and people within their on LGBTQIA group so freely.This self hate is on anther level and it is beyond help. I cannot waist my energy on being made with them, I will just laugh at them and go to them for my source of coonmdy for the week.

  • Mico

    So yeah….stop watching if you don’t want to support raven.

  • ABC’s
    response is another confirmation that the corporate media actively praises black
    people who degrade, stereotype, and slander their own people. Raven is known
    for her self hating statements, even wanting to discriminate against people
    based on someone’s name. I’m not surprises at the response from ABC. One thing that
    the powers that be don’t like is a person who tells the truth and makes white
    reactionaries uncomfortable. Many whites love to hear black people spew things
    in public that they say in private. Raven would never make a comment on the
    View where she offends whites or other groups of human beings. Like others have
    mentioned before, we don’t have to look at that show.

  • Mary Burrell

    The View is now The Spew all the ignorance spewing from Raven and Whoopi’s stupid mouths.

    • HighFashionJunkie

      Right! i’d much rather watch “The Talk” even though i “cringe” every time the comedian host whose name escapes me at the moment opens her mouth!!

  • Queen of the World