Taís Araújo is Brazil’s most popular Black actress, and she’s absolutely stunning.


While more than half of the South American nation’s population can trace their ancestry back to Africa, Araújo became the first Black actress to star in a primetime Brazilian telenovela in 1996. Since then, Araújo has gone on to helm other popular shows, including one with her husband Lázaro Ramos, so it was quite shocking when the actress became the victim of racist trolls on Facebook earlier this month.


With her husband, Lázaro Ramos.

After posting a picture of her glorious curly ‘fro on her Facebook page, Araújo was called a host of offensive names. One troubled person wrote, “I did not know that zoo has camera,” while another said, “I did not know that zoo has camera.”


While she could have ignored the comments, Araújo decided to address them head-on, like a bawse.


(Translated from Portuguese by Facebook)

I received a series of racist attacks on my page. Absolutely everything is registered and will be sent to the federal police. And I won’t delete any of those comments. I wish that all feel the same as I felt: the shame to still have people coward and small in that country, in addition to the feeling of shame that people so poor of spirit. I’m not gonna intimidate me, don’t drop your head. I follow what I do best: work. If my image or the image of my family bothers you, the problem is only!

After the racist comments went viral, many of Araújo’s fans fought back with the hashtag  (we are all Taís Araújo), which trended across Brazil.

Despite Brazil’s multicultural nature, racism is still an issue.  The insults hurled at Araújo’s is just the latest in a long line of examples.

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