Racism seems to be running rampant on college campuses as the sports seasons kick into high gear and an Alabama University incident is one of the latest to spark uproar.

Over the weekend, the Alabama University campus was overflowing with school spirit as the football team prepared to take on their LSU Tiger rivals on Saturday but one group of students took things way too far with an offensive banner using the most detrimental natural disaster in the history of the United States to taunt the opposing team. This highly insensitive banner, which read “Finish What Katrina Started,” was seen draped over the bannister of an off-campus apartment complex just ahead of last weekend’s game and once a photo of the display made its’ way to social media, an uproar began.

Soon after the picture of the banner went viral, the University spoke out to condemn it in a series of messages via their Twitter account.

From the looks of things, the University handled this matter quickly and efficiently, as the banner was also removed shortly after they learned of it. Hopefully other schools will follow suit should anything similar occur in the near future.

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