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An Asian student at Claremont McKenna College in California had an opportunity to speak during a recent rally about “safe space” for “marginalized identities”. As the woman spoke on the bullhorn, she retold an incident about how she and her friends were harassed by a group of black men and told to go back to their country, and she shouted, “black people can be racist too”.

Others at the rally stood in awe as she spoke, and one black woman tried to grab the mic from her. The student went on to explain that she’s not that articulate and maybe she misspoke, but she wanted to prove that people shouldn’t be judged.

But not everyone seemed to be happy that she spoke, and quickly ushered her to the sidelines.

Many people online seem to think that she shouldn’t have been embarrassed by her fellow students and criticized for what she said. But others feel that her comment was divisive and not the point of the rally.

Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think!

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  • Mochachick

    Too many people use the terms “racist” and “prejudiced” interchangeably, when in reality the two are not the same. Anyone can pre-judge so, yes we can be prejudice. However, marginalized people, not included in the power base of the country, cannot be racists. Historically, African-Americans, I will dare say, have been MAYBE the most marginalized people in the U.S. or, if not, a 2nd by only a nose to Native Americans. While I cannot negate her experience as an Asian in America, I can definitely say that she needs to study the history of this country better, as well as sociology so she would know that historically, AA are power to be racist.

    • Michael B

      You are using the leftist definition of the word, not the real definition.

      Racism is to believe one race is superior to another race

      Prejudice is hatred of another race

      You can be racist without being prejudice. You can be prejudice without being racist.

      Yes, black people can be racist. And the idea of “power” is retarded. You mean to tell me if a gang of black supremacists grouped up and killed a white man just for being white that they were not racist? They didn’t have “power” in that situation?

    • Derpo Brevich

      Historically, Asians have been marginalized severely. They’re the only race ever to be banned from immigration for a time. Ever heard of the Transcontinental railraod? Internment camps? Anti-coolie clovers? Yellow peril? Vincent Chin? Read up on your history before spouting this racist drivel you bigot.

  • Justmythoughts

    The comments on this thread are proving the point the Asian woman was making. I guess only Blacks need to feel safe on campus. Smh.

    • livluvlaff

      I do not think that anyone was implying that blacks are the only
      ones that should feel safe; at least I know I did not. The problem is she can go back 5 years for the one time she feels she has experienced racism and that racism was not even on campus which was the reason for the protest. Basically, this was not the forum for her grievance that really had nothing to do with why they were there at that time. The men she came across during her “ordeal” were a bunch of low class jerks. I do not think the term racist even applies to her situation. Racism hinders your ability to get a loan, get a job, get into a school or just everyday things the rest of society enjoys. One incident should not have compelled her to feel that blacks are racist. I would like to think that in the time after her “incident” she has come across enough black people to know that most blacks do not behave that way. If anything, she let it be known that she maybe a bit of a bigot when she placed all blacks in this negative light based on the one incident that happened 5 years ago. I think the men were hitting on the girls and when they did not respond the men resorted to hurling insults. Many women have experienced it. Not saying that it is right because it can be frightening. Just saying that is not racism, maybe bigotry.

    • FromTokyo

      She wasn’t making any point except to derail and make it all about her and to do her model minority bit by kicking sand in black folks’ faces and give other ignorant people like her something to cosign.

      And the situation she described happens to black women as well, committed by black men. She told on herself by using that one instance where she felt like a special snowflake (but, in fact, wasn’t) to disrupt something in aid of a worthwhile purpose. In a way, I’m glad she did it, so we remember what’s really up in the minority “community.” Black folks are in this struggle on our own.

    • Anonin

      You say that like she was attacked.

  • Queen Ekuba

    This annoys me. So the only example she could find of minorities being `racist`were some black men who heckled her? She`s saying that all her family & Asian friends have never uttered negative, prejudiced words against African Americans & Africans? know any Asian whose guard goes up when a black person enters his store cos they will steal? Give me a break. I live in Africa where there`ve been Asians for a long time due to Colonialism (from India). I grew up seeing a lot of the Indians in Africa treat blacks like they were 2nd rate citizens in their own country! I remember there was th

    • Michael B

      Civil rights would have happened had black people not done anything at all. If anything, they slowed the process down.

      And don’t sit there and act like blacks are not racist. I have met so many blacks in real life, not just on the internet, who believe themselves to be the original Jews. They believe themselves to be the chosen people. They believe themselves to be genetically superior because they have more melanin.

      The reason why blacks are more racist is really quite easy to understand. Whites have been heckled by leftists to not be racist for decades. White people are constantly reminded not to discriminate or stereotype people for their skin color. What leftists forgot to do in the process, however, is tell everyone else not to be racist. Here recently leftists have actually changed the definition of racism to allow blacks to say whatever they want and not be considered racist. It is pitiful.

    • Queen Ekuba

      Oh shut up. I don’t have time to argue with anyone who can’t understand that racism is about power & so black folks can’t be racist. & till you’ve been jailed, beaten, had to walk for miles etc like my ancestors did, gtfoh with that “civil rights woulda happened anyway nonsense” Easy for you to say

    • Michael B

      Live in the present not the past. It is very shameful to use the suffering of your ancestors to further your agenda. You didn’t suffer at all. And yes it would have happened anyway. Black people have civil rights in every white majority country in the world. US would have followed through as well. Blacks were not responsible for ending slavery either. White people ended slavery in the US and gave black people civil rights.

      And if I were to go back far enough, I could probably find my ancestors being treated poorly by a certain group of people. Then I could live my days telling those people that they somehow owe me something. However, I am not going to do that because I am not going to try to benefit off of the suffering of my ancestors.

    • Queen Ekuba

      Awww poor Michael, trolling websites for black people & desperately arguing that black people didn’t do anything- everything we had was given by the “white massa” lol! Ok honey, whatever makes you sleep at night (teehee!) The fact that we have so much resilience, fought for our rights & have fought many barriers to produce a black President, black intellectuals & businessmen must really kill people like you hahaha. And still we rise! I’m off to sip my coffee & gloat about how people like you are dying inside seeing black people refuse to be put down. Have fun hiding behind your keyboard to post more bitter messages here- I know you’re in a lot of pain. Tadaa!

    • Michael B

      Blacks fought for their rights but whites had to give them the rights. We could have just said no. And white people had to vote for that black president.

    • Happierthanyou

      You are ignorant.

  • FromTokyo

    She could have said any other race but black and yet she didn’t.

    Some of them are SOOOOO thirsty to be accepted by those they worship that they’ll throw other races (let’s be real: black folks) under the bus time and time again. Who tf was she trying to impress or win over saying that, and at such a time? How disgusting!

    • Anonin

      Right, I just can see some other poc’s saying how combative AA are when they should be intersectional ect ect blah blah blah just from this incident alone but this was really disrespectful.

      That instance she was talking about, well black men heckle their own women and while their ignorance was not okay I can imagine they arent the only non asians with those sentiments and I’m sure she’s seen and maybe even have antiblackness in her own experiences within her community.

      There is literally a thing called time and place and I’m sure the rally didnt appreciate their efforts being turned into “BlackLivesMatter-and can too be racist!”

  • CoolChic

    Stepping on black people to be accepted by whites is an American pastime.