Bobbi Brown / Brown Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown / Brown Brown Cosmetics

Contouring, the beauty technique of using a darker shade of concealer or foundation just under your “sucked in” cheekbones to create the illusion of a contoured/chiseled face, may not be the latest craze in the beauty realm but it sure is popular, right up there with baking your face and we here at Clutch have definitely dabbled in both trendy makeup techniques. (To a certain extent)

Bobbi Brown, Professional Makeup Artist and Founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, thinks some of us have taken contouring way too far though.

When I see contouring on people’s faces, it looks like dirt,” Brown tells The New York Post. “As a beauty expert, I believe in individual beauty, and it’s just not my aesthetic. We don’t need to be contouring like the Kardashians.” She prefers a natural, healthy looking face.


“The contouring trend is so wrong because it tells women there’s something wrong with their face,” Brown says. “There’s beauty in a full face, so I don’t like to paint in a cheekbone that doesn’t exist.”

Contouring Gone Wrong/Getty Images

Contouring Gone Wrong (Credits: Getty Images/Twitter)

Instead, she suggests women highlight their natural cheekbones use a moisturizer that gives a subtle glow.

Do you contour for a chiseled to perfection face? Do you agree with Bobbi?

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